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Tuesday 8th January 2019

January 8, 2019


Meet The Band!

We have five musicians hidden away in the orchestra pit. Seldom seen but always heard. A magnificent array of skills and talents running from left to right we have:

Craig Walker on Bass, Alex Smith on percussion, Joe Hood- Musical Director and Keyboard, Katie Punter on Saxaphone & Flute and Rosanne Duckworth on Trumpet and Flugel Horn.

From our viewpoint on stage we can only see Joe, and we have him in real life and on two monitors mounted on the front of the circle. The others sadly are out of sight to us- unless we fell in the pit. We do see them in the flesh though when they have the odd drink after the show! They keep music alive and well and a magnificent job they do of it.


What is a pantomime without expert sound operation? We have the team of Ian Penrose number one sound and Jannine number two backstage throughout the show, ensuring sound levels, microphones and all things audio are going well!

Here’s Ian in his nest at the back of the auditorium.


Today’s two shows zipped along at a jaunty pace. Both shows very busy and fast moving. There is an air of “last week” now, with thoughts on packing up and clearing up before we finish on Saturday.


Time to start packing up and moving out!

Before we do though, there are eight more shows left. Tomorrow’s matinee is an early one, and one that each year in every theatre is even more magical. It is our “Relaxed” performance. This show will ensure that our audience can relax and enjoy the show whatever needs they may have, and not be overloaded with the pyros and loud noises and dark auditorium that would otherwise deter them from enjoying a Pantomime performance.


Three rows of seats will be removed, giving more access for wheelchairs. The auditorium doors remain open with areas set aside in the foyer to chill if the need to leave the auditorium arises. The lights remain on in the auditorium and flashes, bangs and the like are not used during the show.We also have a signed performance at the same time. Its a great show to be a part of.

The show starts tomorrow at 12.30pm. I’ll be in the theatre at 11.30am. So I’ll stop typing this and get some sleep! Tomorrow we are on at 12.30pm and at 7pm. I will remove make-up and go out between shows for the first time this Panto Season!




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