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Thursday 10th January. Meet The Crew!

January 11, 2019


Two shows today. The matinee was almost entirely made up of over 1,200 school children. Andy Ford declared in all his years of panto this was the loudest response to a Ghost Gag ever heard! It was incredible! The energy of these Primary School Children was incredible. They kept us on top form throughout! I picked poor Mr Howe from Shakespeare Primary School to be Felicity’s Boyfriend. That was the highlight of the school term it would appear!

img_8203 img_8195

Meet The Crew!

Backstage one of my favourite things is watching the scenery move into place. Trucks are pushed into position, meeting up with cloths that fly in, and in a few moments the Shop has been removed and a Ship has taken its place. Staircases are upended, lights and smoke machines appear and disappear, and it is a constant ballet of scenery!

img_8199 img_8193

Dave P Elex setting the Pyros. JB at the Elex Desk.

To make this happen the TRP stage crew go into action. As a major touring house it is their forte. Get-ins, fit ups, get-outs and the smooth handling of the visiting companies scenery and stage electrical effects are part and parcel of their daily job.

img_8186 img_8166

Here we have around fourteen crew members for the Pantomime.

Ian O’Sullivan is the TRP’s Technical Stage Manager.Jo Furse is his Deputy. Chief LX is Steve Bennets with John Purkis, Rose, Dave Purkis LX,Rose, Tom Blackler LX, and currently JB on stage elex . Mylen and Tash on follow spots- high up in the roof of the auditorium, and Barns, Luke, Felix, Jim ,Dave C , Peter H and Al on stage.


Mylen & Tash

Ian Penrose and Jannine Aird are on sound for this production. Apologies for anyone I’ve missed!

Here is a picture of the Crew I took fourteen Years Ago!






img_8177 img_8179

Stage door at TRP is constantly manned morning through to late evening. Janette Owen and Tracy on duty in the morning, with Jill and Steve from 4-8pm and in the evening Janette Compitus and Phil look after the Stage Door until the theatre closes.

img_8205 img_8204

Wardrobe Mistress for TRP is Delia Lancaster, with Ryan Wilce and Teresa Gill onstage, and makers/alterations by Jerry, Fiona and Jean.

img_8182 img_8181

As you can see-there are a lot of people bringing the magic of theatre to Plymouth this Panto Season!

img_8188 img_8183

Amy running prompt corner.  Spin & Nigel in the wings

Second show was a packed and jolly house. Had two visitors to this performance- My Brother Vivyan and Owen Smith, and a bite to eat afterwards around the corner from the Theatre.

Two shows tomorrow. Meeting Sylvia Blackler before the matinee- fourteen years ago this wonderful lady was dressing me in “Cinderella” here in 2004. Can’t wait to catch up with her before the show!



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