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The Missing Panto Revue!

January 21, 2019



So here, not published online but with an article on a postman biting Cat- Is our Pantomime Revue Published here in full! 

Sparkling panto is a Christmas cracker
Roger Malone review Plymouth Herald

A sparkling pantomime is as welcome as presents around the Christmas tree and pudding and cream for dessert and this one is a cracker from the start. With King rat rising from the stage in a cloud of dry ice to the elaborately costumed finale, the production is a festive kaleidoscope of comedy and spectacle. As the scheming king rat John Partridge clearly enjoys berating the audience and threatening his nemesis Dick Whittington the Eastenders star packs a potent Machiavellian punch as he plots to Overrun London with fellow rodents and just wait until you see his giant rat.

Combatting the evil powers is Samantha Womack another East-Ender famous for playing Ronnie Mitchell cast as the spirit of Bowbells, Womack gives a warm engaging performance as the virtuous fairy who champions dick against his dastardly adversary.

The Panto Dame is excellently performed by Nigel Ellacott playing Widow Felicity Fitzwarren. Ellacott’s portrayal is both comic and sympathetic avoiding the over the top grotesque that can be the caricature of too many Panto dames.

Her going to bed scene performed to the raunchy shrines of the stripper presents an hilarious unveiling of layer upon layer of underwear and the ghost routine complete with a sprightly dancing Spectre brings freshness to this time old sketch that, at best, is guaranteed to entertain audiences of all ages.

Comedy is in the capable hands of the ever popular Andy Ford. As idle Jack Ford is the comic cornerstone of the production.
His unique delivery and interaction with the audience insures gales of laughter, sometimes elicited with just a mere glance or deliberately lame joke.
“It must be lovely to watch me”, he says to the audience with his winning combination of coyness and Chutzpah.
Frequently referring to people as “my luvver” he treats us to ‘the Janner song’. There is also his ‘West Country translator’ a gadget that can digests complex speech and interpret it as simple Janner speak.
At the end of Tuesday night’s performance a special mention of Alex Hetherington was given by John Partridge. Hetherington stepped into the role of Dick Whittington at the last minute due to John Lumsden being taken ill.
Heatherington deserved every bit of the applause received from an appreciative audience.
His relationship with Alice Fitzwarren played by Daisy Twells is an instant delight.
Director and choreographer Garry Lloyd ensures the pantomime pace never falters. The dancers deliver slick snappy routines – and Tom the cat played by Ryan kayode makes a surefooted feline contribution taking us from London town to the Moroccan palace of the Sultan vinegar played with regal air by Spin.

We are treated to a traditional pantomime adventure to entertain the whole family. Oh yes it does!

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