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Sleeping Beauty Awakens!

November 25, 2019

Sleeping Beauty Awakes!


Sunday 24th November 2019

After slumbering and snoring for the best part of a year, the Venue Cymru 2019 Panto is awakening! The first day of rehearsals at the brand new in -house rehearsal rooms will be a fitting Palace for her to wake up in!

A year of slumber? A Pantomime is rehearsed in under two weeks as a rule- in most cases you get ten days- but the process of getting a Pantomime “Oven Ready” and in the rehearsal room has taken the full year. From the Venue suggesting the subject they’d like, through to casting, script writing and tweaking, costume creation, scenic choices, music choices, special effects – then in the late spring the Marketing Department get to work (Thanks Richard Jones & Emma Shiland!) and Press calls happen, Sherrie, Keiran and myself end up in costume having a giggle in the Summer- and now- finally- Here we are!

I’m getting ahead of myself. During the Summer my costumes (and Andrew Ryan’s costumes) moved from The Kenneth More Theatre to storage in Hertfordshire. A massive undertaking  that followers of the IBY Green Room will have seen for themselves. This year I’m Queen in Panto and have had several new costumes and props made, as well as renovations. A few weeks ago my Llandudno Panto frocks were collected by Qdos and are currently in Beverley- they will arrive here in less than a week for the “Get-In”.

Suitcase packed, and sandwiches tucked away in the belief that the buffet will not exist, be left at Euston or run out of food by Milton Keynes, its about a three and a half hour journey. Fortunately Weekend First Class kicked in, So Queen Myfanwy had a Royal Train all the way to Llandudno Junction!

Today the scenic journey to Llandudno Junction by train was very unscenic. The first direct train left Euston at 5pm, so instead of looking at the glorious Welsh coast, it was pitch black, so I looked at my script for the journey. arriving At The Junction the first face I saw was Keiran Powell, collecting Our Princess, Hariett from the Station. A Quick hello, and a promise to meet at the pub later for fellow company member Damjan’s Birthday celebrations, where we met up with the full company.A jolly first greet before the official one tomorrow morning. The Nurse and The Queen were escorted home by the Prince. VCL499_-_Llandudno_Poster_2019-2020_800_1131

You know what? There is still a frisson (and that’s not a Welsh word) and a hint of nerves starting the panto. This is my 45th Pantomime consecutively, and in fact I think my 37th for Qdos/E&B, but the “First day at school” feeling still kicks in!

Tomorrow is a sharpened pencil, script clutching first day at Big School- it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it!


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