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Day two in Beauty’s Castle

November 26, 2019


Adam our Choreographer with The Sleeping Beauty Ensemble, Liam,Annabelle, Megan, Hannah Elle and Damjan in Studio Two.

Tuesday 26th November

A full day of rehearsing at Venue Cymru- This morning John took us through the blocking for all of Act One, and this afternoon we got up to the Haunted Bedroom in Act Two! Not bad, eh?

Adam and Ensemble worked in the next room- We met briefly. Still not had a proper chance to chat with everyone- I have to catch up with Megan- we were both in “Jack & The Beanstalk” together a few years back in High Wycombe- Time for catch-up later in the week! Megan and I worked with Ediz Ibrahim in The Wycombe show, and I bumped into him recently at a railway station. Small world Panto!


Harriett and Simon our Musical Director. Definately not a posed pic this!

John worked with Kieran and his puupet spots in Act One and in Act Two- very sophisticated and secret set-ups- You’ll have to see them in action! Managed to visit the Venue’s “Y Review”with Sherrie- the most magnificent view over llandudno Bay. Stunning!

I had a run through my one and only song with Simon our MD, and he was very kind. Also ran through the music for my strip which starts off the Haunted Bedroom in Act Two. Ran through lines with Sherrie and continued blocking until we broke (thats not as in broken but as in finished for the day!) at The Children from The Pearl Shaw school had arrived and worked with Adam and the Ensemble in Studio Two.


Adam our Prince imprisoned in his cage. (made out of Masking Tape)

Haunted Bedroom continues tomorrow Morning. Treat for the week was a visit from Claire Freeman , Steve Andrew & Phil Couch visiting Keiran and me from High Wycombe. They start rehearsing on Monday for “Dick Whittington” which has  Adam C Booth in it- we did Llandudno Panto together , Thomas Howes in the Sarah Fitzwarren Role and has Curtis Pritchard joining my Wycome buddies Jo Parsons and Leah Godbold, and Dominic Spin who was with me last year in Plymouth. It really is a family, Panto, and Steve, Clare and Phil are my Panto family! Lovely to see them!

IMG_0835 IMG_0831

Co Staqe Manager Helen at her desk with Stage Management Robert, Jade and Kyla.

IMG_0834 IMG_0833

Director John & Carabosse Jamie

IMG_0822 IMG_0829

Sherrie, Me and our Fairy Aurora Abiola.

10am we carry on tomorrow, then we all meet Sarah Ecob General Manager and the staff of Venue Cymru for a lunch date between rehearsal sessions.

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