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Polishing The Panto

November 28, 2019


Some of The Sleeping Beauties this morning!

Wednesday 27th November 2019

This morning we finished blocking the rest of Act one, and did our first run-through of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” routine which happens in place of The Songsheet. I think most of us have done this routine in various shapes and forms many times, and it is always interesting to see the different versions of this hectic and rehearsed chaotic scene.


Harriett,Nigel and Jamie

Our treat for today was an invitation from Sarah Ecob Theatre Manager to join her and the VC staff and councillors for a lunch hour, overlooking the seafront- magnificent food, views and company! Lovely to see familiar faces from VC- Richard and the Marketing team, Education and Front Of House Staff and Paul Sampson, the photographer who has taken some stunning photos of the pantomimes here over the years.


A great many sandwiches, cakes and coffee in the company of the Theatre Staff- A Right Royal welcome to this glorious Venue.

 Two photographs from Nick Thomas’s recent visit to Buckingham Palace to receive his MBE from The Queen. Qdos owners Nick and Sandra photographed after the investiture. Congratulations!

Congratulations to to Michael Harrison. Announced yesterday, Michael will now be owning half of Qdos with Nick and Sandra, and they have announced the Qdos offices in Drury Lane will move to a new Covent Garden location during next year!

After lunch we began polishing scenes and adding sound effects and Simon moved his keyboard into the room. By mid afternoon Adam Choreographer had brought our Ensemble into the room as well, and as a few books began to be put down gradually, you began to see a show coming to life. Its always magic to see that start to happen!

Over in Belfast Andrew Ryan is at The Tech part of “Beauty And The Beast” at the Opera House- he’s directing that Qdos show there, and Newcastle Theatre Royal has opened!

The News today had pictures of Qdos owner Nick Thomas receiving his MBE at Buckingham Palace, and later news that we will e revealing tomorrow about Qdos and the future! Watch The main Page!


Our lovely visit from Claire , Steve and Phil from Wycombe Panto ended with a meal. Joined by Sherrie we had a great night again at the “Cottage Loaf”Dave came along too! . Sherrie worked on the Paul O Grady “Snow White” with Claire running the wardrobe at The Mayflower Southampton back in the day. They’ve not met up in a good while. Lovely to see you lovely Panto people. Hope to see Wycome Panto before it ends!

IMG_0859 IMG_0862


Later call for Sherrie & Me tomorrow, so we’re going to run through our lines together in the morning before lunch. Nos dda!

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