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The Empire Night Out!

November 29, 2019

IMG_0899 IMG_0896

After rehearsals finished, our first Company meal at Llandudno’s beautiful Empire Hotel, looked after by Elyse and Michael with gorgeous food and a little wine!

It was a well timed to celebrate our Jade Hunter’s Birthday propely. She had a Birthday cake presented during the rehearsal today, and I guess this was the cherry on top!

IMG_0876 IMG_0907

Jade cutting her birthday cakeIt wasnt all banquets and balls today- we rehearsed. I guess we rehearsed the banquet and the ball for Princess Beauty’s Birthday, so art was imitating life! Sherrie & I had a morning to go through lines, so we went to the Osborne House Hotel and reheased on their big plush sofas and open fires!


Today’s rehearsal involved John and Adam Choreographer putting the Ensemble ladies & gents into the scenes, and running through their entrances and exits. I got to go through my song (wot I wrote) while Liam and Damjan were choreographed into it waving their marracas. Very strictly it is!


Adam and Harriett- The Sleeping Princess on her gilded chaise longue!

Friday 29th November 2019

Rehearsed scenes morning and then afternoon, with the Ensemble in each scene, plus musical “stings” and Segues and links put in by Simon MD. Did the ghost gag a few times to fit music (and the Ghost costume) into the scene.


A sunny lunchtime view from Venue Cymru’s “Y Review” restaurant today!

At about 4.30 the Pearl Shaw juveniles arrived- tomorrow is the day we do the scenes and place them into positions before a “Stagger Through” run in the Afternoon.

IMG_0879 (1) IMG_0880IMG_0881

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