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Running Through

December 2, 2019


Arrived at the Theatre this morning 10am to see the Sherrie -Mobile parked by one of several gigantic trucks unloading scenery and lighting equipment into the dock doors.

John worked through some of the scenes we wanted to polish today, while Adam Choreographer worked with the Ensemble next door. We ran the Haunted Bedroom again, as it has a lot of sound cues that need to be spot on, and so its good to know where they are- This has a routine involving a musical instrument, and rather splendidly Kieran can actually play it for real. So far I know Adam (Baker) and I play Piano, as well as Simon obviously, and Kieran plays brass- we have the makings of a Boy Band here!

A photo just to prove I’m in the show! I’m always taking the photos!

During rehearsals had a very quick “Hello” to our musicians Neil Rowland and Steve Brickley- they did a band call with Simon today- good to see the lads again, and looking forward to Quiz Night at The King’s Head next week once we’ve opened!

In the afternoon we ran the show again. A nice feeling to just get it underway, and another run through “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” which is frantic and needs rehearsing to make it safe and secure. Practice makes perfect.


X Marks the spot! THIS is where the Quick Change area will be built!

I ventured backstage, and great to meet up again with some of Venue Cymru’s amazing crew- Aidi Jones, Steve Cridge and company were just breaking for an hour, so I took the opportunity to take a look at some of our scenery which is being constructed on this vast stage.


Behind The Scenes- The first shot on this blog!

There’s a lot of scenery. The wardrobe is stuffed with costumes. My costumes have all arrived and are stored in the lift at the moment (a lift the size of a large truck) and I hope to get at them tomorrow.

Left the Venue and had a meal with Adam and Sherrie at a local pub, and discovering, as you do in this business, what theatre folk we have in common. As we start to get to know each other day by day we find how many people we all jointly know, and that’s what it makes it such a small theatrical world.

We were in Fairyland in our rehearsal room when, through the high windows we were treated to some REAL magic. The most glorious red sunset over Mount Snowdon. It actually stopped our show. This picture does not do it justice, but it was taken balancing on a chair against a very high window! It was MUCH redder than this!


Called at 10am tomorrow to run through the show twice. The stage might be in a state where I can get at my costumes and possibly start the setting up tomorrow night with luck.

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