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Farewell Rehearsal Room!

December 4, 2019


Today we had our last sessions in the brand new rehearsal rooms at VC. We did a run through in the morning, and then a second run through in the afternoon. More props are being added by Robert and Kyla as we go along, as they are being opened after arriving in the trucks.

IMG_0997 IMG_0994

The two runs are very helpful to get the running order of scenes into the head. We were joined in the second run-through by Marketing Dept, Lucy, Emma and Tony. We finished rehearsing at about 5.30pm. Now my time begins- tomorrow is the first Technical rehearsal, and I need to sort out my costumes into the Quick Change area!

IMG_1010 IMG_1012

Harriet, Adam & Kieran. Robert our Technical ASM

Before reaching the stage time to wish Aidi Jones from the Technical department of VC a very Happy Birthday- with my prop cake from the Picnic Basket-on a long day fitting up a panto its better than no cake! Great to be working with The VC crew once again!


Happy Birthday Aidi!

With the help of Bethan from Wardrobe the rails and boxes were unpacked, brought into the quick change area- Thanks Keith & the lads who created this, my biggest Quick Change area to date! Bethan & I have got the costumes and wigs in the room, plus shoes and sorted out some accessories. Tomorrow I don’t think I will be required in costume until around 6pm, so that gives us plenty of time to put them in show order, arrange things that need pre-setting and running through the logistics of the changes with Bethan who will be dressing me.


Yes- after a long day- I left the Theatre at 9.15pm there was a reward- Handcrafted Gin from The Great Orme- Rhubarb & Mint. When in Gwalia………..

Call 1pm tomorrow. Visit to Launderette \10am. It is all glamour……….!

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