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Technical into Dress Rehearsals

December 7, 2019


Thursday 4th December 2019

A morning off to get settled and sorted and get ones socks washed!

Moved into the dressing room which will get sorted out over the next couple of days. I only have two costumes in the room, as everything else is in The Quick Change area. Thanks to the herculean efforts of Keith and the lads on the crew, the Quick Change is vast- Biggest room I think I’ve had, carpeted, lit and mirrored! Thank you all SO much!

Today we started the technical rehearsals that will continue  into Friday. This involves lighting, pyros, scene changes and, since we started with costumes from the off, costume changes. All in all a long winding journey .Breaks for lunch and dinner- Sherrie and I stay in and, being neighbours in the Dressing Rooms watched “Talking Pictures” on the TV  in between- can’t beat a bit of old ‘50’s drama between shows!

I’m not wearing make-up for the technicals- and running through costume changes with Bethan from Wardrobe, who is dressing me, we had enough time between stage entrances to work everything out. Plenty of time.

IMG_1048 IMG_1043

Lighting rehearsals for Caraboss’s Lair

IMG_1030 IMG_1040

David Morgan Production Manager. Rory lighting designer  and the Production Team

I have mislaid my bum. I remember packing it- and I’m afraid I can’t find it anywhere. I did come across a random stuffed seagull in my boxes (imitation I hasten to add) so that has now been fixed to the Giant Picnic Hamper I wear top of Act Two. No Bum.

The set I recall from our last “Sleeping Beauty” here at VC, that show had Vicki Entwistle and Brendon off the Coach Trip- Brendan Sheering. John Evans was our Muddles and he opens the same time as us this year in Liverpool. Good Luck John!

IMG_1049 IMG_1028


By 10pm we had got to the scene where “Beauty” (Harriet) is woken by “Love’s true kiss delivered by Adam (Prince) and stopped there for the night. Price, Nurse and Queen retired to Imperial Hotel for a tiny drink (and our own sandwiches secreted in a rucksack- well they’d stopped serving food!) and then to bed- call for Adam tomorrow is 9.30am to fight a scary creature. As you do.

Friday -Tech and Two Full Dress Runs

Full make up and costume for the Dress Runs, with Document Conwy fabulous photographer Paul Sampson in to take pictures of the show. Can’t wait to share them on this blog!


Here she is Boys! Queen Myfanwy has arrived. In the fabulous Terry Parsons designed “Bustle” dress that belonged to Danny La Rue from Plymouth “Mother Goose”. Its so lovely that in the V&A Museum at this moment Peter Robbins & Nigel Ellacott’s Ball Gowns are in a display case next to a Danny Frock that was also created for Plymouth- and Dan’s frock is getting an airing here at Llandudno!

IMG_1053 IMG_1033

Bethan from wardrobe dressing me, and our Quick Change in its early unfinished phase!

IMG_1059 IMG_1061

The Dressing Room

Good News. My Bum turned up! It was secreted under Sherrie Hewsons fluffy slippers in the Quick Change room. Normal service will now continue.


Nurse Temple Savage at your service!

So today we ran the show twice, had notes, and did a technical catch-up in the morning. Long day- we open tomorrow. Loads of production shots will be following throughout this blog, as well as backstage snapshots!



A tribute to John Inman. My spin on John’s lovely Belisha Beacon costume. It does stop traffic!

We will emerge tomorrow from our two shows at 2pm and 7pm and a party at Y Review Restaurant after the show!


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