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Tuesday 10th Dec: Back To School!

December 10, 2019


Tuesday 10th December

For some, this was their very first experience of a 10am Full house – full of just school children en masse! I’ve got used to it here at Venue Cymru over the years, but its still THE most amazing thing to hear 1,500 screaming children in the Ghost Gag, and the excitement when the poor male teacher gets picked to be The Queen’s new boyfriend. You can’t beat that!

A high energy performance from both cast and audience that we’ll be continuing each day this week- 10am and 1.30pm shows. I love them- I’m used to my Panto Roadshow performances at 10am and 1.30pm anyway, and I really enjoy having “a life” after the panto in the evenings, boosting the local economy!

Both shows were great- a mix of pensioners and sc

3e836fc9-48d8-4b0e-9687-1a4d70378e73hool children second house, so Sherrie and I were able to pop in some of our evening gags, while Kieran had the children in the palm of Dave The Dinosaur’s paw! Jamie got booed to beyond and Adam and Harriet were cheered as should be. It was a fun two performances.

There are a couple of reviews: One online the other from the Pioneer Newpaper. Here are the links:

Sleeping Beauty at Venue Cymru with Sherrie Hewson is full of Festive Laughs – Review


We’re bonding now, Cast and Crew and Creatives, and it is a very jolly atmosphere. Hoorah!

Yesterday we celebrated Will’s (Sound Number 1 )Birthday, followed by an early night, it being a school night. – A cake, a few glasses and a Chinese- a great night!


Tonight, the chance of a proper meal again (since we were out of the building by 4pm- so it’s up the Empire for round Two of lovely food.


The weather is atrocious! Gales and heavy rain. The theatre roof was banging and the whistling effects rivalled the Ghost Gag at times. The children LOVED the Haunted Bedroom today. You cannot EVER beat the simplicity of The humble Ghost Gag. That is why I named this website twenty years ago- it is the very heart and soul of Pantomime. As old as time, as effective now as it was to the Edwardians. Long may it be included in Pantomimes everywhere!


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