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Thursday Beauty School

December 12, 2019


School shows or Driving School?

Wednesday & Thursday saw us having 10am and 1.30pm shows, packed out with schools mostly, with a few rows here and there of pensioners loving the reaction of the children. It is VERY loud, especially when there’s a villain in the shape of Jamie about, or a ghost on the loose!

IMG_1204 (1)

Jamie waiting in the wings


Sherrie takes a spin!

Shows go well. You really do need to attack the schools shows with megawatts of energy- the audience of 1,500 schoolkids demands nothing less! Backstage is a constant moving ballet of activity- The Crew glide the huge castle trucks on and off, rolls royce cars are parked, special scary effect by the Twins SF is trucked onstage, Haunted bedrooms glide in and out.


The fly tower from behind the building

Flies bring cloths in and out, Stage Elex bring bursts of low rise smoke and flashes and bangs, Joe on sound checks microphones on all of us during the shows, changing batteries and dealing with any problems while the wardrobe team get us in and out of costumes and props appear magically. It is an orchestrated Ensemble of activity.

IMG_1205 (1)

My Quick Change Table.

We are not infallible tho! Today I managed to dash on stage to do “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” after a very fast change with my shoes on the wrong feet. A difficult feat/feet as you can imagine! I thought I could manage, but was reduced to walking like Pingu on thin ice, and managed to change them swiftly while Keiran retrieved the toilet rolls from the auditorium!


Sherrie at the Forget Me Not Carol Concert

Tonight Sherrie attented a concert at Venue Cymru, a unique choir that comprises dementia sufferers, carers and friends for a Carol Concert.

The Company Meal tonight was at a New Thai restaurant in town. A very lovely night. We are proving to be a VERY social company!


IMG_1219 (1)

School day tomorrow. Our final 10am show. Next week school performances are at 10.30am and 2pm. Almost a leisurely lie in!



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