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Friday & Saturday Beauty Tips

December 15, 2019


Productions photos courtesy of Paul Sampson@DocumentConwy

Today was our last 10am show- from next week we get a leisurely 10.30am start to the schools shows! I’ve enjoyed them, as its great to have the evening to go out and eat, but also very much looking forward to tomorrow with two “Grown Ups” shows at 2pm and 7pm.


Photo by Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy. Joyce arrives in the Royal Rolls Royce

As you can see by Sherrie’s arrival at the Palace, she has nicked the Royal Rolls Royce, AND I am paying her FAR too much money!

Both shows Friday were excellent. A huge screaming joining in and Ghost Yelling packed house full of schools. Its not easy for The Queen to pick her Boyfriend, as there are hardly any Male Teachers in Primary Schools. The ones that are are definately game for a laugh!


Harriet, Adam and Kieran – Three’s a crowd. Photo Paul Sampson 

The early finish meant there was time to relax- Back at the hotel I was introduced to Liam’s family down to visit along with Murphy The Dog. Murphy is a very large dog, and in a dog friendly town! Its Murphy’s Birthday tomorrow. He is Eleven!

The Evening ended with most of the company visiting “Chez Ensemble” Digs in the town for Wine and Cheese. A very jolly evening!



Photo by Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

Saturday was a VERY windy day- Gale force winds here, making walking around tricky. Had to have help to open the VC Stage Door- when the wind tears down from Snowdon, it really can knock you off your feet. A later start today 2pm , just as well as it is a busy day.

The adult and children ratio to both shows was superb today. As comic actors we crave those laughs you only get with an older audience, and we were spoiled today- both shows were very full and very responsive. We added seven minutes in laughs apparently.


Photo by Paul Sampson 

I’m with my daughter Harriet and my Nurse Sherrie being Tropical.

Between the 2pm and 7pm Sherrie, Kieran and myself set off in The Sherriemobile chauffered by Richard to become a part of the Lights Event at Llandudno. vast projections and illuminated creatures were about. We went to Trinity Church to take part in events. The children were decorating Umbrellas (something you cant use in Llandudno.They blow inside out in minutes) and we were putting on a show.


Production shots by Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

Kieran did a routine with one of the “congregation” at the Church, and then I interviewed Sherrie on her career starting with RADA, Slipper and The Rose, through Carry On films, Corrie, Benidorm and loose women- a SHORT run through obviously!

IMG_1246 (1)


We did about twenty five minutes before posing for pics, and then headed back through the illuminations to Venue Cymru. Great to see Sarah Ecob Theatre Manager at the Church- and of course the marketing team headed by Richard.

The 7pm house was very jolly indeed- well up for a laugh! I had a few wardrobe malfunctions- My belisha beacon ball dropped off- must be the cold weather, and Nurse Joyce bobbed onstage to stick it back on again! When she exited my line is “I wonder where Joyce could be…”to much mirth. We had great fun tonight. The Twelve Days of Christmas routine was a joy!


Carabosse- Photo courtesy of Paul Sampson.

Tomorrow a 1pm and a 5pm Show.

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