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Sunday Beauty School

December 16, 2019


Photo Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

Sunday 15th December 2019

Two shows today at 1pm and again at 5pm. Lovely to see Sherrie’s family in to see the first show- they had a great time, and got to hang out in her Dressing Room and take a peek backstage!

Its mighty cold outside, and pretty chilly onstage. I’m glad Bethan constantly puts me into different costumes, it keeps you warm. Especially underdressing the strip, when I open Act Two underdressing eight layers before squeezing into a large picnic hamper!


Abiola as Fairy Aurora. Photo by Paul Sampson

Two great houses- the second house were a little over hyped for the Twelve Days of Christmas routine. The audience participation took on a new twist when, with no prompting a toilet roll carrying relay was going on in the auditorium – I think they might have done this before! It was great fun but exhausted poor Kieran who tried to give chase!

We’ve had a great review from The Daily Post- from this show I believe! Here is the link:


Kieran & Ernie. Photo Paul Sampson

After the second show, we came down around 7.15pm, Sherrie and I took ourselves off to the gorgeous “Dylans” on the seafront for a bite. Its a gorgeous building, once a very swanky hotel called The Washington. Great food and a lovely way to unwind as we talk old films, old actors and all things nostalgic!


Fairy, Queen & Nurse. Photo Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

The beautiful costume I’m wearing in this picture has a lot of lovely memories for me. It belonged to my late Ugly Sister Partner & friend Peter Robbins. After Peter passed in 2009 I left his rail of costumes untouched. Other than donating our Ballgowns to the V&A (They are currently on Display) I left them untouched. Couldn’t bring myself to go through them. This Summer we had to move stores, and I opened the covered rail. So- I think Peter would be so delighted, two of his costumes make an appearance here this season. This black velvet gown (made by Margaret Brice of course) and The Picnic Basket!


Adam & Harriet having a serious moment! Photo Paul Sampson

Day off tomorrow (Monday) so The St George’s Hotel for tea, and The Albert for Quiz Night! Our very social jolly company are well jelled now! Lovely bunch of talented people!


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