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Mayoral Beautification!

December 17, 2019


Adam & Kieran being cagey! Photo Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

Tuesday 17th December 2019          

Two early shows today for schools- 10.30am and 2pm. Full, loud and hyped up with energy- I think we had eight schools in the morning at the least, some of the names familiar to me from October’s Pantomime Roadshow here in Clwyd.

Both shows greattt fun, and the participation elements went down well- from Ghosts , Booing, shouting, screammmiiing at Prince Harry NOT to buy a Spinning Wheel.. through to laughs at the very silly things. We have a schools version of Mastermind for Sherrie & me, and certain gags are dropped and other replaced to fit the demographic.


Photo Paul Sampson

Demographic is VERY important in a Panto House. It is never the same show. With School children there is an acceptance of things, and an acceptance of comedy that is much simpler and swifter than an audience made up of adults. To put it plainly, Adults laugh at more gags and routines, and consequently the laughter in a show comprised of a higher ratio of Adult to Child is always going to be longer.

Laughter is the boss. You ignore it or trample a laugh at your peril. We are here to make audiences laugh as well as marvel, sing along and be drawn into a magic world.That is why a full house of adults will add time to a show as aversed to a full house of school children. We are doing our job properly.Still paced but allowing our audience to laugh and have fun.


Photo Paul Sampson

This afternoon we were very honoured to be invited as a company to meet the Mayor of Llandudno in the Mayors parlour and council chambers. Very Grand it is too! Councillor Miss Angela O’Grady greeted us along with the Deputy Mayor and treated us to a very warm reception and a buffet- a great opportunity to look around this historic Town Hall, and we even got to sit in the seats of power!


As always, Miss Alice was in attendance. Each year a young lady is given the title and the costume of Alice In Wonderland to celebrate the Liddell/Alice/connection to Llandudno.



IMG_1352 IMG_1354

After the reception we headed for The Palladium- a beautifully restored theatre, now a Wetherspoons for a few drinks, and courtesy of Helen, an impromptu History Quiz. Its a Rock & Roll lifestyle here I tell you!


Photo by Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

Early nights all round as tomorrow we have two shows- 10.30 and 2pm once again.


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