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Beauty has visitors!

December 20, 2019

Wednesday 18th/Thursday 19th December 2019

Both Wednesday and Thursday shows are for schools- packed to the rafters, around 1,400 very loud excited school children, and each show Queen Myfanwy picks her boyfriend (and future Consort) from one of  the terrified male teachers in the house!


Photo Paul Sampson

Good to get waves from the schools we were recently visiting with Venue Cymru’s Pantomime Roadshow, and one of today’s was Ysgol Tudno, a Roadshow regular, and every day Sherrie reads out the list of schools with names getting increasingly longer each time!

Wednesday was dresser Natasha’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Natasha, and thank you for the home made chocolate cookies!


Natasha – Birthday Girl!

Show at 10.30am and at 2pm now until a day off on Friday- This is the day the schools break up, and it’s not a good day to sell tickets to the Panto- school carol concerts and the like- so Thursday 2pm saw the last Schools performances. We’ve played to very many from Clwyd, and the decibel level in the Ghost Gag defies description! In the script we have to say “well next time you’ll have to scream louder!” and it reaches a crescendo of 1,400 screams. The oldest gag maybe in Panto and the best I reckon!


Photo @DocumentConwy Paul Sampson

On Wednesday night we met up at “Characters Restaurant”, run by Sherrie’s Brother Brett and Sister-in-law Annie. We had a gorgeous “Steak On A Stone” experience with Fish, steak or Veggie options sizzling on a stone at your table. It was hammering it down with rain outside- a very cosy experience with Panto folk – a very lovely evening.



Visitors on Thursday. In the first show Lee Redwood arrived having driven the length of the country- so good to see him and catch up with his news from his two “Made To Measure” pantomimes- Weymouth which has opened, with Lee as Fairy Godmother and Wimbourne which is about to open. He had some amazing and nostalgic photos of Weymouth- during the Summer Lee bought the Cinderella costumes (my designs and a lot of Margaret Brice creations) and also he has in his safe keeping some of the  the costumes that Peter Robbins and I wore as Sisters. It was very touching to see them worn as pairs at Weymouth. Such memories! Lovely to see you Lee and thank you for driving all this way as you do every year!


Our Panto producer Jonathan Kiley came to see the show this afternoon. He’s already Directed Glasgow, seen Wycombe, Northampton, Milton Keynes and many many others, and after leaving us he heads to Brighton and back to Hull before the week-end!


Photo Paul Sampson

A good show, with a mix of children and Pensioners, with the children in the majority, all VERY excited about their pre- Christmas breaking up from school treat!

The hardier members of the company are heading off for the 12 pubs of Christmas journey through Llandudno- and there are many glorious pubs, real old fashioned log fired, dogs sprawling pubs to visit. Sherrie & I had a quiet dinner at Dylans, and headed back to the Hotel for a welcomed early night.

IMG_1413 IMG_1407

Photos by Paul Sampson

Birmingham is in full tech rehearsals tonight, I thought of them as I lay under the duvet dreaming of a day off tomorrow. They are about to open and my mind is already dwelling on packing here at V.C. Lovely to see Ben, formerly of Wycombe Crew up to visit Kieran and to see our panto. Saw some pictures of Wycombe panto and it looks stunning!

0_Venue-Cymru-pantomine-review (1)

Photos @DocumentConwy Paul Sampson

A day off looking around the town tomorrow, and probably taking tea and eating Bara Brith overlooking the sea. It’s a hard life!




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