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Beauty twice daily!

December 22, 2019

IMG_1437My My Walk to work

A glorious calm day here in Llandudno- actually too warm in the Theatre- didn’t expect to be typing THAT in December! The sun was shining and the town looks lovely- independant shops doing a roaring trade, restaurants and all. I had a brief wander before heading in for our grown ups shows, now the schools shows have finished. Its back to that demographic of gags getting laughs where they didnt in school shows, and the “accidentals” in the show get bit woofs of laughter. The Ghost gag and twelve days worked so well both shows today. Nice atmosphere.


Photo by Paul Sampson

Yesterday was a day off- just as well for those who ventured out on the Twelve Pubs of Christmas tour the night before! A VERY Merry time was had apparently!

IMG_1361 IMG_1406

Photos by Paul Samson

Today Will and Robert and Kieran arrived in my room between shows- Will having bought cream tea a plenty – so we sat and scoffed scones, jam and cream and sipped tea in between the 2pm and 7pm shows! A treat! Lesley Joseph if you are reading this, THIS is your idea of heaven!

IMG_1411 IMG_1412

The Walkdown: Photos by Paul Sampson

Talking of Lesley- The Birmingham Hippodrome “Snow White” opened today. Andrew Ryan kept me abreast of the proceedings, and they got a glorious standing ovation and opened to a great reception. Here are a few photos- some of Andrew posing with the Bullring’s Bull, decked out as a Bovine Dame. The Statue that is. Not Andrew! I look forward to seeing the show and spending New Years Eve with The Brum company next week!


The Birmingham Hippo CompanyIMG_1430

Andrew Ryan at The Bullring

Met up with my chum Nigel Catmur at The Imperial again tonight- second night running. He’s lighting the SC4 Carol concert and shows at the VC Arena over the next few days. Great to see him again.

Both our shows went down very well today, great reaction, and lovely to get that crackle from the demographic of mixed adult and children both enjoying the show andboth adults and kids getting “The Full Monty”!. I had a wig malfunction tonight when in reacting to Kieran and Sherry in my haunted bed, my wig decided to adhere itself to the pillow as if by velcro. I didnt realise for a few seconds, thinking the big laugh was aimed at Kieran, then felt a draught where my wig SHOULD be! I was sitting up in bed with just a stocking top and a microphone exposed!

Tomorrow 1pm and 7pm.


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