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Beauty- Three Sleeps!

December 23, 2019


The Little Orme & Sam The Seagull

Sunday 22nd December

A two show 1pm and 5pm show today on a Sunday. Packed houses and a lot of adults, so a joyous response to the gags and routines and again you can’t beat a ghost gag for the kids!


Photo Paul Sampson @DocumentConwy

We had a visitor today- Jake Hind from Qdos- lovely to see him again. He’s en route from us to Crewe Panto, and called in to see the Matinee.


Abiola as Fairy Aurora in Act Two

We’ve lots of friends and family in the audiences now as we near Christmas- Harriet’s Mum was in, and Kieran has friends in- Sherrie’s family are due tomorrow. My Brother Vivyan and our friend Owen arrive Christmas Eve to see the show- Owen has jusDirected the Panto at The Kenneth More Theatre Ilford with our mate Bobby Crush playing Dame. Vivyan of course ran the KMT until his retirement, directing forty odd years of Panto there.


Photo @DocumentConwy 

A few of the Cast here will be heading for Chez Prince Harry, AKA Adam where I believe he will be cooking up a storm! I have huge admiration for Panto troupers all over the UK who manage to turn digs into homes and take the time to shop and prepare and cook when far away from home. It is always the lot of the Panto performer since Victorian times. God Bless them one and all!


Its Behind You! Photo Paul Sampson

It was cooler backstage today- outside it was breezy, which was a lot more comfortable than yesterday. My mate Nigel Catmur is still next door, lighting the massive choral evening for S4C in the Arena, and leaves tomorrow for home.


The Prince & Princess Harriet and Adam. Photo Paul Sampson

A group of us headed for “The Albert” for an evening of food and drinks before heading to our various abodes. One of the great things about a 5pm show is you can still get a meal after! Tomorrow (Monday) the same- 1pm and 5pm.


Nighty Nighty! Photo Paul Sampson



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