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Beauty’s Relaxed Performance!

December 28, 2019

1H0A0870_©Paul Sampson

Photo by @DocumentConwy

Friday 27th December 2019

Today was a matinee of our Relaxed Performance, where the Venue Cymru makes the building available to those who would possibly not otherwise visit the panto- the experience not being comfortable for those who find it a bit frightening, a bit stressful. The auditorium was transformed into an open space, seats removed allowing space to roam and wander- doors open, house lights to a quarter, and all the scary things like pyro flashes, loud effects music and generally loud noise removed. The auditorium becoming a place to have fun with others but in a safe environment.


Our gorgeous Ensemble ladies attend the Palace

I did a speech, more of a chat to the audience at the beginning of the show outlining of this this and emphasising that we are all pretending and all having fun together, and then the performance began. In addition to the 300 or so audience that this relaxed performance was aimed at, we were also joined by a further 800 or 900 audience members out to have fun over the Christmas Holidays.


The full Sleeping Beauty Ensemble backstage

The show was received amazingly, it was a joy to do and great responses throughout! I love these shows, and Theatres all over the UK are now doing them during the run.

I managed an hour in another part of Venue Cymru this morning- A Toy Fair.


A great find! A corgi model tram showing the Llandudno tram advertising Catlin’s Follies. The very building I bought this toy tram in stands on the site of Catlin’s Follies that were performed in the Arcadia Theatre- What a lovely historical connection! I’ve even stood on the real tram last Summer when it was brought to the Promenade for a recreation of Pierrots and Panto here in Llandudno. This is one for my cabinet!

1H0A0888_©Paul Sampson 1H0A0810_©Paul Sampson

Photos by Paul Sampson

We had a visitor this matinee, Director David Lloyd Jones, a former resident of Llandudno. Great to see him again and catch up with all things Swansea too! He chatted to Sherrie- he Directed her panto at Sunderland about six years ago.

1H0A0816_©Paul Sampson 1H0A0879_©Paul Sampson

Photos by Paul Sampson

Sherries family were in to see the show again- both last night and tonight- its a big family affair for her here in Llandudno!

Our 5pm show visit was from Qdos co-owners Nick and Sandra Thomas. Lovely to see them again- they are now en route to Hull to look in on that panto (sending my greetings to Simon Webbe) and Crewe with I think about another two to look in on as they head back towards Scarborough.

1H0A0850_©Paul Sampson

Photo by Paul Sampson

A lovely meal and a few drinks with some of the company at The Albert tonight- one of my all time favourite pubs in this gorgeous town, then back to rest before the very last four shows left! Tomorrow we have two at 2pm and 7pm followed by our Panto leaving Party! We’ll join up with the Panto crowd from Theatr Colwyn there too- It will be lovely to see Stuart Loughland, Libby Edwards, Steve Bloor, Lukas Kirkby and the Magic Light Company at the “do” tomorrow.

Tomorrow later time of 2pm and 7pm.

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