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Penultimate Beauty

December 29, 2019


Our amazing Crew here at Venue Cymru!

It takes around fifteen to twenty people in all to create Pantoland on stage- here are some of the Crew with a few omissions- Keith, Aidi, James are off today, but it shows that the strength of a show is in the Crew making it all happen, along with our Stage Management team, then Ushers, Box Office staff, Marketing, and all the “secret army” that create what you see on the stage. A Huge Diolch yn Fawr to these amazing people!

Two shows at 2pm and 7pm, with me rushing about pre-packing before Christina (front row second from left) will be chalking up her record fourth “get-out” for me, packing the costumes as they are finished with, so everything can head for the large transport trucks that are already parked by the Venue Dock Doors.

1H0A0591_©Paul Sampson

Photo Paul Sampson

A big thanks to VC for arranging our farewell drinks get-together at Dylans next door, for Crew and cast to chill in a great atmosphere, and lovely to see the Colwyn Bay Company of “Aladdin” there, headed by Stuart and Libby! A great evening. We were joined by Sarah Ecob the Theatre Manager, and a great time was had by all.


SUNDAY 29th December 2019

Today is our final day! I am heading into Venue Cymru now for the 1pm show, and the second show will be a blur of packing. Hopefully if I have surfaced from a sea of boxes and dress rails I will report back on today. The most important thing to add to this is to say what an amazing and friendly talented cast and crew we have had here in “Sleeping Beauty”- A true joy to be with on our Panto journey!

1H0A0708_©Paul Sampson

The Final Two Shows approach!

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