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The Last Beauty Show!

December 30, 2019


The trucks are in place, the thoughts are on packing- the final two shows are upon us! A day when the matinee was full of very jolly people, and so was the evening- along with Theatre Manager Sarah Ecob and her party, to watch the final show. We all had a great deal of fun! The audience in particular loved the Bedroom antics and the 12 Days Of Christmas melee of toilet rolls being passed around the auditorium while Kieran set off in pursuit!

1H0A0879_©Paul Sampson

Photo Paul Sampson

Document Conwy photographer Paul was backstage0 he’s been building up a portfolio of shots of life backstage, and documenting me in the life of a Dame backstage. Cant wait to see the results!


A great picture from the wings- Liam and me caught in mid “Copa”!

During the second show Christina did my packing, as indeed she has done for the past pantomimes, so that by the time I emerged from the shower and set foot onstage, everything was ready to go on the truck for Yorkshire. It stays there until Andrew Ryan’s panto ends in Birmingham on February 6th and then will return back to us. Thanks Christina- a stunning job once again!


The Stage just fifteen minutes after the curtain fell! The get-out is a major event, a real hard hat choreographed piece of engineering, undertaken by masters of their crafts! So impressive to watch!

Here are some of Paul Sampson’s Black & White shots of the last show:

IMG_1623 IMG_1625 IMG_1624

IMG_1586 IMG_1585

Meanwhile, Emma on the crew has taken on Dave The Dinosaur as Work Experience. Here is his journey around Venue Cymru trying out different skills in Stage Management and even Musical Direction!

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c577d4e6-f20a-4492-914b-c01f25f361fa cc205e43-ed79-48ca-aea5-073bc07f2944

With the audience applause ringing in the ears the cast left the building pretty rapidly- there are some very long drives home tonight. I sorted my labels, and sorted my box of costumes and wigs I will be wearing here in twelve days time when I will be part of “take pART” here at Venue Cymru for two days. Royal walkabouts, selfies and comparing shows are part of my Dame’s remit!


The Remainers! The group of us that stayed over night, enjoying a few drinks at the Albert along with Helen & Al, missing from this photo. What a lovely friendly jolly bunch we’ve had here in Pantoland. A pleasure & a joy to work alongside. Same with the VC Crew and staff. Lovely to see Irene Bond today- Irene is a volunteer usher here at the Venue and dressed me in panto. Lovely to get a change to chat dogs and gardens with her once again!

SO HERE WE ARE-The end of our Panto journey! A great Panto crowd of people, and a good time had by Audiences and by us here at Llandudno. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Thank you SO much. Here’s to the next season of Pantoland.



Thank you for joining us on this trip through the magic that is Pantoland by following this Dames Daily Blog!

Postscript- New Year’s Eve 2019

A visit to the Birmingham Hippodrome to see a fabulous panto- “Snow White” with Lesley Joseph, Matt Slack, Joe McElderry, Faye Brookes, Andrew Ryan and Doreen Tipton, Jac Yarrow, Flawless, Craig Garner, Blake Lisle, Jamie John, Simeon Dyer, Josh Bennett, Greg Doherty George Coppen, along with Aaron Barker, Stephen Alexander (I did “Aladdin” with Stephen at Venue Cymru) Charley Da Silva, Joshua Cantrill, Elysia Pemberton, Joseph Malana, Lauren Key and Lucy Keenan.


New Year’s Eve in Pantoland- Brummie Style.



And Andrew Ryan’s Nurse Nanny Asprin!


Happy New Year!

  1. Irene permalink

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, the final part brought a tear to my eye and thank you for the mention. Long may you continue to blog. xxxxx

  2. thank you for another great panto dame’s blog ..loved everyday of it its great to feel sort of part of it in a long distance way 🙂 i’ve read them every year since you were a sister with Peter Robbins and laughed and smiled at all of them ..having been in lots of Panto’s and musicals when I was younger it brings back memories of the panto season and happy times ..although back then we never started until Boxing day whereas now its nearly all over by then 🙂 I loved the photos this year he captured things beautifully ..thanks for entertaining us and bring joy to lots of people ..look forward to next years adventures 🙂

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