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First Run Through Day Three!

December 2, 2020

The KMT Snow White Company, Cast & Musicians, Technicians and Crew!

Called this morning to run through the “Mirror Routine” with Jocelyn, and an hour later Karl and I are getting there- I certainly need to “try harder” at remembering the “new” bits that have been added. Early days!

Everyone is now “Off the book”- which is pretty impressive for Day Three, as was the “Run Through” that we did this afternoon. We were joined in the studio by the technical & stage ladies and gents- with Lauren Skinner our scenic artist- yes, she’s the one with the paint spattered jeans- watching the run through. Lovely to see Lauren- she too goes back to those 2009 days of “Snow White” here, and is making a splendid job of creating some panto magic with the set.

Stephen with Lauren at the run-thru

Joining us today was Chris Musgrave, who will be DSM for the panto run- Stage Manager Chris once joined the “Magic Of Panto” Roadshow one season touring schools in East London, a long while ago-and has been managing the technical side of Theatres ever since.

Chris Musgrave

The run through today was a first time getting to feel how the Pantomime will flow. It helps to know where and when you enter and exit, gives you a feeling for how much time you have between entrances (or to change costume in my case) and indeed if it is too short or too long! in 46 Pantomimes I have NEVER heard a Director say “This Panto is too short. Let’s ADD something!” – so tomorrow we will be looking at losing a Musical Number here, and a bit of Business there to tighten up ready for Tech and Dress Rehearsals.Owen Smith will do some nipping and tucking I’d guess, and get us to a good running time.

The Ballroom starting to take shape.
Calum, Lucy, Rosie and Chris.

We ran the show with most of the songs and all of the choreography, with some props and with our Musicians Harry and Dan accompanying- tomorrow we work on some numbers and Start with Act One in the morning, and Act two in the afternoon.

Wicked Queen Michelle gets tough with Prince Louie – Robert
Owen checking the script
Nigel & Karl

Great news today that the Bristol Qdos Pantomime “Robin Hood” has transferred to The New Victoria Woking from 18th December to the 10th January! The Panto will then move to The Birmingham Alexandra Theatre for The Qdos/Birmingham Hippodrome panto from January 15th-31st January 2021.

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