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Thursday 10th Pantoland

December 11, 2020

Two shows today- Socially distanced audiences loving it. So are we- the fact that we are doing what we do, and getting such a great response – the same energy goes into the show from everybody as it would if it were a thousand seater.

Our talented Musicians- Harry on Keyboards (left) and Dan on Drums (Right)

Shows went really well. This evening I was delighted to spot Claire Harvey in the audience. A veteran of over twelve KMT pantos! Lovely to see her and her party!

I remembered to wear my “Wonder Woman” costume for both shows today! Inbetween shows Karl (Muddles) and I filmed segments to be inserted into the schools screenings, to personalise them. Nelly rejects the man she chose in the audience for the teacher. I had many boyfriends between shows- I lost count after announcing the first ten or so!

A break before the Ballroom.

To my amusement- it is not easy to keep a straight face- every time I climb into my panto bed so far, I get rained on! The drips (or drops) are exactly where the pillow is. I feign sleep while Muddles chats to the audience, trying to keep still (and keep my microphone out of the way) as down it comes! The “Busy Bee” gag may be no more in Pantomime, but the theatre is trying its best!

Michelle in full Wicked Queen rant!

There was some not unexpected, but none the less not cheering news today from the Theatre- it looks very likely that on Wednesday the Government might put areas of East London into lockdown. We await that news, and if so- that would mean the show would close.

There are possibilities – the Theatre always had plans to stream and record if we went into Tier three- so we might continue to live stream from the stage after this announcement- obviously with no “live” audience, and there would be the strong possibility of leaving everything exactly where it is, and returning to finish the run when given the go-ahead. It is all in the air at the moment. The London Borough of Redbridge might be a tier three, or we might remain a tier two. We will know more when they announce.

Such sad news today that Dame Barbara Windsor has passed. Love and thoughts to Scott who has fought alongside Barbara the terrible effects of Alzheimers. It was “Snow White” at The Kenneth More Theatre in 2009 when Barbara and Scott, together with Barbara’s lifetime best mate Anna Karen came to see me launch my solo Dame. What a huge talent in such a tiny bubbly generous lady. The world of Entertainment misses her so much. God Bless you Barbara.

Meanwhile, some jolly pictures from the Pantomime we are currently performing Twice a day with great joy!

Fairytale icons in the dressing room!

popped in for a cuppa

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