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Friday’s Two Shows!

December 12, 2020

Two shows today. Awoke to hear the very sad new that Dame Barbara Windsor had passed. Barbara was a shining star in Pantoland, and I still remember so well her “Aladdin” with Alfred Marx, such a fabulous performance, full of the sizzling energy she always possessed. Barbara and Scott came to see me here at the KMT in 2009 , when I did my first solo Dame- with them was my friend and neighbour Anna Karen (Anna was Olive in “On The Buses” and of course Aunt Sal to Barbara’s Peggy), and she visited everyone backstage and made everyone feel so special- one of her huge talents- everyone loved her.

Today we made sure Barbara was given a “Shout out” and a huge round of applause both shows. The East End will always regard her as their own.

The mystery “dripping” on my Haunted Bed was solved this morning. It had become a bit of a mini torrent, and Ben climbed up to the flat roof of the KMT to discover a small lake, and the odd seagull bobbing about. After wading in and being a hero, the water (and the drip) has now been fixed!

Ben recovered from sorting out the lake!

Both houses were very appreciative, and a joy to work to. It is so good to see people having a break from the bleakness, if only for a few hours. Every show lifts you, and certainly for me, its an opportunity to work with a really fun company and crew, and indeed, a purpose, after such a long time in isolation.

Harry, Sally, Gemma & Karl

Gareth and Sally invited us all to have a socially distanced drink in the theatre bar tonight- swift, as folk have to travel home (I am so lucky being a short walk) but welcomed. Here are a few of the pictures. Tomorrow we have two shows- 1.30pm and 5pm.

And tonight at The London Palladium, The Qdos pantoland opened to a special show for Key Workers and attended by The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and their children!

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  1. Steve Liversedge permalink

    Nigel – well do I remember standing on the stage at KMT during a performance of Cowardy Custard (many many years ago’) and hearing a strange hissing sound – it wasn’t audience reaction but water dripping from the roof onto the lighting rig!! Presumably same flat roof, different hole

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