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The Last/Lost Week-end!

December 15, 2020

This week-end we did four sell-out amazing shows. All week we’ve played to audiences in the theatre, and live streamed to schools and to homes.

The week-end was a sell out at our limited capacity, but they really made up in enthusiasm and joy in what they lacked in numbers. All the four shows were recorded, and – here’s the clever bit- the “best of Four” will become the perfect Christmas Present for the Pantomime fan! A full presentation of the Panto to watch at home at your choosing! Take a look at the Kenneth More Theatre’s website for information!

SO- That was the GOOD news. Here’s the bad newsWe, along with every theatre in London and the outskirts are closed! A very few will play tomorrow (Tuesday 15th December) and most like us closed our doors on Sunday evening after the second show.

We had an idea this was about to happen, and so plans were put into operation to remove our personal belongings, but leave the show “hanging” or “Mothballed” if you prefer, in the possibility that we might be able to return. This would have only been possible if London Boroughs remained Tier Two. I’m afraid for the safety of all in the run up to Christmas, we are now Tier Three. No Theatres, indoor bowling, Cinemas, and strangely the shops all remain open. We here, thanks to Vision presenting the Panto, and a caring cast & Crew, were a beacon of Social Distancing, mask wearing, abiding by all the rules. I’m not so sure about that in the crowds we see on Television shopping. Still- With that couple of days possibility that this would happen, we gave the last four shows our all, and there will be a recording to purchase to watch at home!

Mother and Son- Nigel & Karl in the Haunted Bedroom.

So, here I present our legacy- some superb photographs courtesy of Melanie Gail photography.

By the end of the last show yesterday (Sunday) the dressing rooms were stripped of their cards and make-up and flowers, the only things remaining were the costumes (incase of a return) and I put everything into the Quick Change Room for storage.

Starting to look empty
Michelle as a VERY Wicked Queen!

Everyone was philosophical. Yes there was sadness, yes there was hope (that we might yet return after Christmas- it still might be possible- everything is here and waiting for us). The thing that ran through my head as Mollie and I were changing into the Finale was- in an hour this building will be empty. In an hour the bustle, the energy the sound of laughter would be gone. Throughout Christmas the sparkly costumes will sit here in empty dressing rooms. A “Ghost Light” will be onstage where tonight we all were, with lights on us and music and microphones.

School Patrol

A theatre is not about dressing rooms, quick change rooms and green rooms. Those are bricks and lino and fitments. Theatre IS the people who inhabit it- the crew who make it happen, the musicians and wardrobe – the cast who create the fun, the drama and the very essence of Pantomime. The Box office, the Publicity, The Management and ushers- THOSE people ARE theatre.

You ARE the Weakest Link! Goodbye!

This brief journey into Pantoland has been so good- I was stuck at home, Isolating and without purpose, then along came this golden opportunity to appear in my neighbourhood Theatre- it has been a very lovely thing to meet up with this gorgeous bunch of talented people for this, my 46th Consecutive Pantomime! Thank You!

Our Pantomime “Snow White” can be enjoyed up to January 10th – our original closing date- by streaming a recording of the show by visiting

Watch this space- and the main page of this site just in case the possibility arises of our return to the Pantomime to resume play. Until then, it’s the Walkdown. The Finale.

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