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Dec 22nd. Solstice Pantos

December 23, 2021
Trinity Market & Area

A bright morning, so set off early to stroll around the Old Town, and the market- Trinity Market- made famous by my Act One song- with me dressed as Carmen Miranda with a ton of fruit on my head! Lovely buildings around the Cathedral, and so strange to walk around an almost deserted area that should be busy with shoppers.

“At The Market”

Passed the Covid vaccine pop up surgery in the Mall, and discovered walk-in is back, so put out a message- hopefully of use to our lot. Its a funny old world at the moment… our “One day at a time” hopes are in our minds as we see all the Pantos in Wales and Scotland will have to close on December 24th- so sad to see all those companies closing early, all that hard work too.

Hull Cathedral

Back in New Theatre Pantoland we carried on- two very full houses, and the audiences so ready to be entertained, to laugh and to join in.

The Finale set

Life carries on backstage- there is such a lovely atmosphere, we are all enjoying working and being together (yet distanced) this year- and the shows are really a reward for all the work that has gone in to making a good show. There are warm ups, and understudy rehearsals, Neil and I setting Variety quizzes with each other, the company enjoying the buzz and chatter in our long corridor- people wrapping presents, some like me having a doze between, others bringing food back in- its a proper community of Panto folk who are there to make the audiences have a brief respite from the dreadful news reports.

the quick change area

My cake stand wig decided to become the leaning tower of simulated pastries today, so that’s in the repair shop , replaced by the tall “Mr Whippy” wig until it is once again robust! In the great scheme of things… of zero importance, but thought I’d mention it.

Have scooter will travel

Our hard working backstage crew, led by resident SM Allan and our Crossroads Stage Management team deserve a huge shout out. Every prop is there, then struck, then replaced and all the scenery glides in and out like a well oiled machine. All mask wearing and covid regs adhered to- Hoorah for the people who make the Show tick over!


Tomorrow two shows and another Understudy Call before the matinee.

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