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The Twelfth Show of the week

December 24, 2021
Stop in the name of love!

Today two very rowdy glorious shows. On e at 2pm and the second at 7pm. During a foggy damp morning I managed a trip to “Trinity Market”, and got my lunch sorted there- the inbetween lunch/dinner that is, and headed to the theatre where I could hear the strains of “Happy Birthday” being sung for one of our “Magnificent Seven”, Mark McMinn. who bless him, gave US all cake! His Mum created some amazing “Snow White ” and Panto themed cup cakes!

Thank you Mark’s Mum!

Celebrating a birthday is always fun, but having one during a panto run is even better. A Thousand people sang Mark “Happy Birthday” in the finale!

From The Deep

Both shows were great, and we really did have a lot of fun providing a lot of fun to the audiences. You feel everyone is out to make the most of things, unsure of what ghappens after Christmas. We are the lucky ones being able to Carry On performing. Our colleagues in Wales, in Scotland and in shows postponed or cancelled due to Covid have all our love- we know how important it is to make certain our audiences leave the theatre happy. We certainly do.

Greetings from Mark, Jon and Lisa

Tomorrow we have the final two shows before Christmas Day. Show 14 in the week tomorrow evening. Then everyone will be celebrating Christmas day, some travelling (not far this year) some seeing friends and relatives, some doing what Panto folk do in Pantoland- getting a few panto folk around to their digs. We are having the one day off, then back on Boxing Day.

Here’s a pic of Panto in LA- The Lythgoe “Robin Hood” in Laguna, with my mate Andrew Lynford giving his Sheriff of Nottingham!

Back in Hull I spent between shows repairing a couple of headdresses- glue gun and screwdriver to the fore, so no between shows nap for me! Keeping in touch with my mates out there with their shows- a good few will stop tomorrow and sadly finish their runs early, and hopefully we will carry on until told to close. Fingers Crossed we see New Year and beyond.

Tomorrow I might just manage a swift Blog- it being Christmas Eve I may just throw caution to the wind and have a sweet sherry and a sponge finger instead- but the blog will continue – Normal service if not tomorrow, on Boxing Day. Drop a message on the message board to let Simon & I know you are reading this!

Merry Christmas everyone from all of us here in Pantoland!

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  1. James Jordan permalink

    Love reading your blog each year! Thanks so much for the insight into life behind the panto scenes! All good wishes to you for Christmas.

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