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Tuesday Dec 28th Snow White

December 29, 2021

Here’s a picture taken by our Joshua Knight- I love this image! A beautiful shot of behind the scenes!

Today two shows at 1pm and again at 5pm. Good houses, and a great counterpoint to the dismal damp foggy weather outside. Very jolly first show, with the children very into the story, so much so they dictated how Snow White (Faye) should be brought back- so we followed orders!

Backstage on Stage left wing today!

The routine backstage begins with a physical and vocal warm up, then the half-hour call give by Ashley, and all goes quiet while panto folk apply make-up, get into costume, and then on beginners I’m usually in costume, and masked up to go upstairs and into the Quick Change room. The Crew, headed by Alan (He’s been here as long as I can remember- I’ll hazard a guess at forty years – are assembled in each wing. Around a dozen including Stage Elex, and above us Flymen and then at the back of the auditorium the follow spots, Josh on sound and an auditorium with ushers – We have our own Stage Management team of Matt, Ashley, Em and Josh, plus our three musicians- Jon, Lisa and Mark-our three wardrobe staff onstage- Jen, Eleanor and Gail, there’s Eddie on sound- so all in all an army of professionals to create the twice daily magic,

Gail & Alan

The 5pm were a jolly lot- more adults and fun to play to. The show is speedy and goes very quickly- I prefer that. No gaps- I have one that gives me time to make tea ready for the interval, otherwise that’s it for the show!

The time is passing so quickly, and the days blur as we approach New Year’s day- we have shows on New Year’s Eve, then a day off, and then finish on Monday with a final two shows.

Tomorrow a 2pm Show, and the Magic Of Pantomime is open for business!

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