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Thursday 30th December Snow White

December 31, 2021

A Two show day, and the last of our 7pm shows. For the next few shows we are 1pm and 5pm.

Its warmer! Outside thetemperature is unseasonably warm. So much so I was testing again after the first show, and relieved I was sweating because of the costume changes and not anything else. Today was the start of the end of the run preparations. I sought out my skips and costume bags, re-organised the Quick Change area for the get-out on Sunday. Nearly everything is on stage level, so dressing room wise there’s very little to be packed.

Both houses were great today. Poppy was saying how much the children contribute to the show – shouting out warnings, telling her off in no uncertain terms, and generally interacting from the off.

I think the Magnificent Seven and our Ensemble are planning some panto awards- there’s an air of mystery about the long corridor! There is such a great lively atmosphere in the dressing room corridor, a buzz that is a joy to be a part of. We are lucky .

The next four shows are going to fly past, and then on Sunday evening the stage will start to clear, to de rig and to decamp to Scarborough and to Beverley stores, just up the road.

Two tomorrow with a 1pm show then the New Year’s Eve 5pm show to follow!

Happy New Year!
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