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New Years Eve Snow White

January 2, 2022
New Year’s Eve!

Our New Year’s Eve shows today at 1pm and 5pm. This is the end of a twelve show week, and we return after a day off tomorrow to do two last shows on Sunday 2nd January. Both houses were great- we had Rachel Crowfrom marketing in to see us, along with her husband Roger (The Matinee victim of Nurse Nigella) and Yesterday I scanned the audience (Masked of course) and saw a familiar face- I thought I’d check, asked his name and it was Sam Mitchell- he was on the High Wycombe panto a few years back, and lives locally. So Sam became The Dame Victim that show!

Lucretia vamping Prince Harry!

First show was very boisterous and fun, and between shows I prepared the Quick Change area ready for pack as we go on Sunday Evening. The dressing room is all but cleared, and very bare it looks now- the kettle stays for a last internet cuppa and natter with Neil – I will miss our tea break natterings very much!

The Flatlence inducing potion!

The plan after the second show is for a drink in a private area we’ve booked to celebrate a New Year- posh clothes for the first time, and maybe a sequinned face mask or two. The Second show was a very frisky one and again a joy to be onstage with this lovely bunch of people.

Pictures from Jon – I love this one!

Here I am asking the Man of the moment if He Loves me or hates me! Costume was created by the very talented Andrew Ryan a while back.

Mark and his drum kit!

Mark our talented Drummer has worked in York a good few times, and has worked with Paul Laidlaw, a favourite Dame at Stevenage for a good many years. I’ve worked with Paul in shows several times, including “Wind In The Willows” and “Perchance To Dream”.

Faye & Neil in the forest

All the costume bags are ready, and the costumes not used on the voyage are bagged on the rails. The two large skips will move next to the Quick Change on Sunday, one for wigs (I think I have about a dozen) and one for accessories, Shoes and Boots and Dressing room things- furry rug and make up box! Marmite travels in its own wrappings (stuffed with the duvet I sleep on between shows) and the “Strip” Screen of mine will also be put on the truck. It could be a while until they return to me, as Andrew’s costumes will join them at the end of the Brum Run.

Some very lovely Black & White shots from Jon- a beautiful quality to them.

After the show it was time for a bite to eat- my favourite haunt the HOH Department store, and a return to the hotel, a change of clothes and our Drink in our private area – no access to anyone else all areas!

A clever use of handbills to herald in the New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone out there in Pantoland and beyond. We return over the threshold on Sunday 2nd January 2022 for our final two shows, and look forward to seeing our lovely Director David for the matinee!

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