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The Final Shows: Snow White 2022

January 2, 2022
a lot of fun!

The Final Day. We Made It!! We actually made it through as a company-That includes our amazing stage crew headed by Alan- made it through the entire run with nobody testing positive, and nobody off! Nearly forty shows here at the New Theatre. Gold stars all round!

Faye and the Royal courtiers
Queen Lucretia- Poppy

We had our Director David Burrows and a Crossroads Pantomimes producer Jake Hind in to see the matinee today- Lovely to have David see how his panto has matured over the past few weeks.

We did a matinee at 1pm. By this time I’d moved my two large cardboard skips on stage to the Quick Change area, and “bagged” the two dress rails, ready for Gail and I to bag up the costumes as we went along on the second show. Wigs in one skip, shoes & accessories in the other.

Empty Rooms…..

Here;s my dressing room by halfway through the second show! I have it down to a fine art now, and everything was packed as we went along, wrapped and bagged, so that by the finale only my finale costume remained to be put in the bag, and the rail zipped up.

Love me or hate me!

Working with Neil has been a joy. Truly. We both looked forward to The Lip Synch scene with Corey, the Bedroom Scene and the “Shirley Shaw” scene with Poppy a lot. I’m a performer used to working alongside another comic- for twenty eight years Peter Robbins and I bounced off each other. Working with a Neil, A John Evans, a Chris Jarvis or an Andy Ford in Pantomime, and the old training comes back instantly!

The New Theatre

The sounds in the corridor I will miss- the Lads and lasses playing games, chatting, having a really good time in each others company- back home it is going to feel very very quiet- especially not really going out and about in London until this virus lessens its grip on all of us. The repartee on stage, in the wings and generally the buzz of live theatre- its kind of what gives us the energy we apply on stage. A truly lovely warm and damned NICE lot of people- who after tonight go on to different jobs, different towns and in Faye’s case- a different country with “Chicago” as from tomorrow!

It has been a huge privilege to work with these lovely people, crew, musicians, wardrobe and our lovely Director and choreographer- David and Jonathan. We were truly blessed.

From all of us in “Snow White”- Farewell!

Here’s to the next time. May there be more Pantomimes and far less Covid by then. Thanks for reading this blog- hope you’ve enjoyed. From all of us- Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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