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Day Two in Goldilocks Cottage

November 22, 2022

Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Tuesday, and rehearsals in our parkside studios began at 9.30am, Gerry took our Ensemble into the vast second studio for more choreography, and just Matt, Phil and myself rehearsed with Director Matt Slack. we worked on the “Lip Synch” routine for about an hour and a half, then after a tea break were joined by the others to recap on Act One- most of which we blocked yesterday.

Our stage management team are the guardians of the blocking notes, providing props, marking out the stage dimensions, co-ordinating the sound cues and effects that go into every scene, It is quite a skill to multitask- so we’re very lucky to have our select team. Jonny Gosling as CSM (Company Stage Manager) bridges the two areas of Cast and Backstage, with DSM Emma Ryan looking after the script changes in the rehearsal halls,and Zoe Morgan our Technical Assistant Stage Manager. Joseph number one sound -running all our sound cues- especially during Lyp Synch routine, and Emma Ryan keeping a watchful eye on props.

I had a short time with Gerry Choreographer, setting Betty’s first entrance, and he’ll be setting us into the Goldilocks Cottage” routine- we’ve seen pictures of the cottage and it is truly Fairy-tale time. Gorgeous!

So by 5.30 today we had run over Act One again and made a start on the comedy routine for Act Two- “If I were not in ” as we tend to call it. Many props, many co-ordinated movements and much mayhem!

Jessica Martin is a superb Villainess, and wants to ruin my Circus. It has been very difficult to do a scene with her where she brings her impressionist talents to the fore. How can you keep a straight face when you are talking to Hyacinth Bouquet.. or Penelope Keith.. not possible! Hugely enjoyable those moments!

The Countess herself!

Its an amazing hub of talent, watching Matt Baker on a unicycle casually entering and exiting, the joyous performance of three extremely cuddly bears, and one of them- Lucy as Baby Bear tapping away to be the New Star of the Circus- a very good way to spend a day I’d say!

Call tomorrow at 9.30am to return to “If I Were not” then carry on into Act Two.

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  1. Terry Powell permalink

    It all starts now…

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