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Day Four in the Goldilocks Cottage

November 24, 2022

Ze Countess Vinklebottom and Betty!

Day four- Thursday 24th November in the leafy rehearsal rooms- This morning we did some choreography with the hugely proflic choreographer, Gerry Zuccarello- he set us into the Cottage scene with porridge, beds and chairs with consumate ease. Well, his ease, but my brain is not quick on the dancing front! We had fun setting a clever way of introducing the basic fairy tale plot into this show!

Our fabulous ensemble. It is a humble moment when you have the Ensemble enter your rehearsal room (they have been working with Gerry for four days) and they take to the stage- they blew our minds with an amazing opening routine! Stunning choreography executed by hugely talented dancers- no words to say how dedicated they are. A huge level of excitement building in the room as you see the quality of the production. Very humbled!

Nigel & Phil Walker- Betty & Ringo!

The show truly is coming together. We ran through the “If I were Not In The Big Top” routine again this morning, and while the other cast members had wardrobe calls and choreography calls, we continued through into lunchtime with Matt Slack in our large rehearsal room.


The afternoon was spent running through Act One- it really was surprisingly swift, and for the first time I can visualise the time I have to do quick changes- some of them are very tight, and I think may have to be done in the wings- it also is the first time you actually see what follows what. I don’t stop at all in Act One- if I’m not onstage I’m changing rapidly in the wing. Well, I said I could do it when I wrote in – even if that was thirty eight years ago!

Tomorrow we recap on some of the routines, then in the afternoon we will go for a run through of Act Two!

My call tomorrow is a leisurely 11am! Incidentally the Stage Online did a very lovely article on me- I think they called me a Leg end, but I might have misread that bit.. Its an interview with The Krankies and Me, and the lovely Richard Gauntlet and my mate Susie McKenna about our lives in Pantomime. To be in that esteemed company is enough to make an old Dame blush!

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