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Friday 25th November- Run Thru!

November 25, 2022

Today we rehearsed a few of the ” Set” routines in the morning- involving Matt (Baker), Tamara , Phil and myself, and managed to squeeze in a little choreography with Gerry- All right, to be fair he moved everyone around me and made me look wonderful!) then we gently ran through some Act Two blocking and setting until lunchtime.

Gerry in the Dance Studio

Then after lunch we ran First Act Two, then the entire show! yes, we have a show, and what a show it is too! The stunning work by the ensemble, opening the show, the “Be A Clown” staging- all quite stunning! It really moves so fast too- you find yourself meeting yourself coming on as you exit!

As Director Matt (Slack) said-So much hard work achieved in such a short space of time . We all left ready for tomorrow, when we run the show again, without stopping to get the feel of it!

Andrew Ryan & I are off to meet up with our mate Sherrie (Hewson) for a catch up before we “Drop Off The Planet”, a term we use once Panto begins. We literally live, breathe and vanish into Pantoland, emerging once the run is over!

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