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Saturday 26th November Regent’s Park

November 27, 2022

Here’s The Countess Vinklebottom framed in those glorious Matcham windows at the Richmond Theatre!

Jessica Martin is letting us all know we open on Saturday- in a week’s time!

Today we had our final day in the very lovely rehearsal studios in Regents Park. They are in the Inner Circle, and the sound of ring necked parakeets, the rustle of squirrels looking for their nuts, and the sound of performers running through the show echoed through the Open Air Theatre! We were all, of course indoors in these beautiful rehearsal rooms.

The evening was spent catching up with our mate Sherrie Hewson, here’s Andrew (Ryan) me and Sherrie having a bite to eat and a small sherry, putting the world to rights. Sherrie & I looked a little different last time we were onstage together!

Photo courtesy of Paul Sampson. Adam Baker, Nigel Ellacott & Sherrie Hewson

We started our run through at 9.30am and then after a break Director Matt did working notes, cleaning up moves, going over scenes to hone them. By mid day the truck arrived to take the props and costumes to Richmond, and we carried on with scenes into the afternoon.

I was so busy running around as Betty Barnum, saving my Circus I forgot to take any photos, so hopefully I can take some on Monday in the rehearsal room in Richmond. We are called at various times, using both a rehearsal room and the theatre (for some recordings) as the “get-in” will be taking place. The jewel of Richmond’s crown, the theatre has its dock door in a very narrow street- the dock has been there since 1899, and the large scenic trucks will be filling the street getting Betty’s big top onto the stage. We’ll keep well away from this miracle of unloading and constructing (by a highly skilled stage crew) until we can get in to the theatre proper ourselves on Wednesday to begin the “Tech”.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Sardine The Cat

I sneaked out of the house today, leaving Sardine the cat in ignorant bliss, I’ll not be back with a pilchard until Christmas. (she’ll be in good hands). It is strange that Richmond theatre is technically twenty miles from where I am in East London, but by road that could take two hours plus each way, and by train about an hour and a half each way. In London so near can be so far!

So I have moved into my digs in Richmond, less than five minutes walk from the Stage Door (no, not a bench on Richmond Green) so that the twice daily shows will be a much more pleasant experience without a long commute. Its all about pacing yourself, and being close to the theatre is part of that- as is my full hour nap between every show, and a bowl of Heinz Tomato soup!

This is our opulent new home for the next five weeks- Mr Matcham’s gorgeous Richmond Theatre on the Green!

Rehearsals tomorrow morning close to the theatre, full company and joined by our speciality act, Gordon Marquez.

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