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Monday 28th November Richmond Green!

November 28, 2022

Here’s the Get-In as dusk fell over Richmond. Most of the scenery and lights and costumes and props are all safely installed into Richmond Theatre, and the process of “Fit Up” now carries on.

Today we all met in a rehearsal room close to the Theatre. Matt Baker, Phil Walker and myself heading in the complete opposite direction before realising its “Behind You”, and very lovely rehearsal room it was too.

Here I am modelling, assisted by Lucy Conley, my “Nothing like a Dame” T Shirt (Dave Dale I think created this?) with the faces of some of my very dearest friends on it- so many, and some sadly no longer with us. A lovely reminder of those wonderful Dames in Pantoland.

we worked through some of the notes from Regent’s Park this morning- I moved into my hotel lasat night, so it was a short stroll to the rehearsal room for me. We ran the “If I were Not” sequence and the “Hot Stuff” number that involves Bears, beds and porridge!

James, Lucy & Nova – The Bear family!

After lunch it was a full run through, without stopping, joined today by our second speciality act- the amazing Gordon Marquez- juggler superemo. Gordon arrived for the run-through, and after a brief “Hello” from us all, launched into his juggling routine for Betty Barnum’s Circus. Like Phil Hitchcock this spesh act (speciality) is the best in the business, and Barnum’s Circus has another jewel in its glittering crown!

Jack & Tia.

We ran through and its astonishing the slickness we have acheived in such a short period of time. Setting this Circus panto with all its colour and magic into the stunning Victorian theatre, all red plush and gilt- it really is the Greatest Show!

Zoe Morgan

Tomorrow we will rehearse and run through the show in the rehearsal room, before moving into the Theatre itself in the evening for sound checks. Lucy Fowler and and Georgina Illingworth are in the theatre throughout unpacking the wardrobe boxes and putting costumes into dressing rooms. Ollie Durrant our Sound Designer was with us all afternoon, and he will be leading the sound checks tomorrow, before heading up to Darlington for “Peter Pan” with the lovely Biggins!

Emily Shepherd

Tomorrow my call is 1pm to 10pm. Time to stroll around the lovely Riverside path of Richmond I think! What a lovely town this is!

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