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Technical Dress 1st/2nd December!

December 2, 2022

Thursday was a full day- rehearsing in the theatre in costume and in make up. act Two technical for me involves my “Striptease Routine”, made all the more complicated by the steep rake at the front of the stage! Fortunately we were able to set everything back and have more room, so Betty disrobed decorously, and avoided “pit falls”.

The Countess prepares.

The set and stage looks magnificent. I never did get to go out into the auditorium to look- guess I won’t get that opportunity- the show is so fast for me there’s no time. I keep gazing up to the heavens admiring Mr Matcham’s shakespeare themed carving on the ornate ceiling- during notes we get to sit in the auditorium- today I saw Midsummer Nights Dream up there, along side Romeo and Juliet. Guarding us at either side of the proscenium are two figures on greek columns, holding two masks- yes, hopefully for us it’s “Comedy Tonight!

A bit of Betty’s Boudoir.

We Dress teched the second act and had working notes (thats when you move rather than sit and scribble notes) then a swift tiny sherry in the pub before bed. It is pretty exhausting to be honest, so rest is important.

Today – Friday was notes, some working notes, a few tries at the ultra fast walk down costume changes, and then it was time to “Slap up”, pop on the make-up that is, and do a full out non stop run, with photographs being taken throughout.

This flew off my “strip” washing line. I blame the cold weather.

It goes so fast this panto! Such spectacle too- Magic, Juggling, Comedy, Singing, Bears and other animals popping in- the odd Giraffe, Elephant and Lion- as well as a few… no, I won’t give the secrets away! The Circus theme leads itself to a lot of furry fun. Then of course, to counteract the sugar we have… The magnificently nasty Countess Von Vinklebottom- a role Jessica Martin is revelling in! What a great baddie this role is! What a perfect artiste to create her!

The Countess takes refreshment. Tea in her chamber? No, in a cup like everyone else. Boom Boom!

So- just done the Dress run, and having a one hour dinner break, a much needed shower and awaiting notes before tomorrow’s opening Matinee!

Here’s the crew and creatives (and the odd turn) after the rehearsal!

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