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Friday 28th December

December 29, 2017


Panto Pooches on Parade!

Always great to have a doggy daily visit when Ashleigh unleashes the hounds into my dressing room for a game of tuggy toy and a cuddle! At the moment it is really cold out in the street and backstage, so the combination of furry rug and furry dog is blissful! Here’s Winter and Sully enjoying a break backstage today!


8pm on Friday 29th. BBC 2 a great documentary with some never before seen cine film footage taken by Eric Morecambe backstage at a pantomime in the 1950’s.

I’ve seen this footage when I was doing some cut away shots for this programme- so look out for me making a brief appearance, and set your telly to record some amazing backstage glimpses filmed by Eric himself!

We did this in the autumn, and I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with some of the archive material- posters and programmes- from Eric & Ernies earliest pantomime appearances, so it was very jolly to be asked to contribute to the programme as a Talking Head!


Today two packed houses, and a great set ofaudiences- it does give you a lift when the audience is fiesty!Tomorrow is our Panto Party after the second show. Nearly timeto pack!!



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