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Feb 5th: Ben Joins the Order!

February 5, 2018


Ben Goffe, pictured here with his proud Dad Rusty, and (Lto R) John Styles, Paul James, Vincent Hayes and Andrew Robley.

The picture above commemorates the creation of a brand new member of The GOWR (The Grand Order Of Water Rats)on Sunday. Brick Lane’s Genie, Ben created a new “Baby” rat in this theatrical charitable order at the Lodge in Central London.

Ben now has to wear his rat emblem on his left lapel and joins his fellow Water Rats each month for their meeting. Here’s his badge and scroll.

IMG_5062 IMG_5063

The week has flown by. Our very special visitor on Saturday night was Peter Sandeman, and his wife Gail. They brought a party along to The Music Hall. For very many years Peter ran the Famous City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds, and before that was at my home town theatre- The Grand, Swansea. We worked out Peter has known me for Fifty Years!


Peter Sandeman & Guests below, joined by Joanne Hayes.


Saturday was a packed to the rafters Dinner show, lots of fun and the end of a busy week. The show has now settled. Tonight we were joined by Matt Pallant on keyboards, he will be taking over the baton several times this season as Tom or Martin complete long standing engagements around the Country.


The Finale- Eleven on stage, and a round dozen when joined by Stage Manager Rhys!

as Slave of The Ring my magical powers extended to picking on a Gentleman in the Audience (Something I may have done once or twice in Pantomime over the past forty plus years!) and It was a fitting tribute to the success of the Welsh Rugby Team today when I picked a fellow Welshman, who it turned out was our Princess Shelby’s Uncle! Not Uncle Abanazar, but Uncle Mike! Da Iown!

IMG_E5032 IMG_5040

IMG_5037 (2) IMG_5038

From Belly Dancing To Ballet Dancing!

The Weekend saw a Double Dame Birthday- Marc Seymour (Recently finished playing Mrs Starkey in Peter Pan at Ilford) and Andrew Ryan (Currently on tour with the thriller “Mindgames” and recently Betty Blumenthal in “Beauty & The Beast” in Nottingham) celebrated Birthdays. Here are three Dames enjoying a glass or two yesterday!


Next week we have Two Lunchtime and Two Tea Time shows, followed by a Dinner show, so another busy week ahead.


Joanne Hayes has been taking some great pictures of the show- I’ll be adding these during the next week. Here is one quirky picture I really like- It is taken through a bevelled mirror in the dressing room- it has an oil painting feel to it- or maybe its just that I feel as old as an oil painting!


Mirror Mirror on The Wall……!

During the show Jordan and Nathan don some snazzy Dungarees- so here are the Super Mario Bros look alikes from Act Two!


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