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Dame’s Diary Saturday 22nd December

December 23, 2012

Ben’s Birthday!

After a day off, we returned to the Grand for two packed shows, and the added bonus of Ben’s Birthday Bash. Our hero Jack is Twenty-Four today. Dame Trott’s lad celebrated with Daisy The Cow and chums after the second show at a local venue that laid on a room at the top with hot and cold running buffet and fire-eaters!

dec22nd 005  dec22nd 008  dec22nd 010 dec22nd 011

I’m not sure why there were fire-eaters, but I think they do a regular spot in the nightclub. Those of us with a fondness for hairspray kept very far back during the display! Thanks for a great party Ben- it was a really nice evening when we all got together socially- more to follow in the new year.

dec22nd 012  dec22nd 015  dec22nd 016

I’m searching for a copy of the picture we all had in the local “Express & Star” today- a really impressive two page centre spread of “Who is Who” in the Panto. A picture of cast, crew, front of house, management, marketing and everyone involved in the Grand Theatre this panto season, along with a list of names. It won’t scan very well, so as soon as I have the photo I’ll add it to this Dame’s Diary.

Here’s a pic of Griff, the Resident Technical Manager, Nicola and Vicky Price from the Marketing Department.

dec22nd 001

Delighted to get a mail from Freddie Lees telling me that came up as a question on TV’s quiz programme “The Chase” yesterday! How about that? Along the lines of “What form of theatre is associated with the website…” Simon and I are well chuffed!

It is so hot backstage! I think the weather has turned very mild here (helped by continuous rain) and maybe the heating is on full- but it is a very warm experience backstage. I feel it most when I am onstage singing “Milking The Day Away” wearing three quarters of my strip costumes under a thick checked coat and wig. However, Dancing Daisy The Cow must feel it even more. At one point one Dame and two parts of a cow- Oliver and Lucien today, were standing outside the scene dock in the open air cooling off between entrances. Semi Tropical is a word I’d give it!

Had a mild misfunction of the microphone tonight. I think I dislodged something whilst doing my strip (as you do) and it became flatulent microphone. The sort that makes rude noises as you walk. I confessed to the full house that I’d had baked bean and Sprout Curry, and used a hand mike for the rest of the scene. Soon as I exited Frank and John rushed around a new one. How’s that for service?

Confession. An iconic moment in panto and what do I do? I get my furds wuddled.Jack has sold Daisy. I open the bag that Jack has given me in delight. I peer inside. I scream. “Jack!”. I move centre stage. “This isn’t a bag of Beans.. It’s a bag of… OH!!”

I’m still blushing! Thankfully the audience fell about laughing and we rapidly repeated the excercise with me getting it right this time!

Here are a few pics from Panto Day and The Grand’s Blog:

PantoDay1  PantoDay2

PantoDayGrand           PantoPosterGrand

Right- I’m off to do two shows now- earlier ones today (Sunday) at 2pm and 6pm. Only two more sleeps to Father Christmas!


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