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Sun 20th Dec:

December 21, 2015

Two shows today, in unseasonably mild weather! Both shows great fun with an audience out for a fun time, and full to the rafters!

Here is the view from my bedroom window! You can see why I love this place!

The second (5pm) show was audio described, and there was a backstage “touch tour” before the performance. This enables the visually impaired to get to touch and explore the fabrics and composition of the costumes and some of the props. My Quick change room was opened up by Irene and the different textures of costumes were there to be experienced.


The members of the Ensemble joined John on stage wearing their costumes so that they could be a part of this sensory tour-big thanks to them for this, it really enhanced the audio description of tonight’s show.


Backstage a pretty sound routine has developed. What was a tad uncertain a week ago is now routine, and everyone settles into a pattern- we find ourselves standing in the same place at the same time. Changes are so much easier than a week ago, and everyone is much more relaxed-from set changes to costume changes, it is all working beautifully. There are a lot of people involved in this show-Our Qdos stage manegent team of four,  the  Venue Cymru crew headed by Keith includes Stage Elex and scenic crew with flies and follow spots- sound operators, chaperones,wardrobe – Lesley and Wendy plus Irene and Gwen, plus two sets of Pearl Shaw Children as Dwarfs, and two sets as villagers, then the cast- a lot of people involved, before you start on Stage Door, Front Of House, Box Office, Marketing and Theatre Management- A lot of people involved in this panto!

Here are a few scenes from Backstage today.


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