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Thursday 4th Jan: More Visitors!

February 5, 2016


Vincent & Peter John

Thursday today, and we’ve done three matinee performances thios week, all sold out and extremely jolly. Today we had a veritable influx of visitors, including the Doyen Dame of Music Hall, Your Own, Your Very own Mr Peter John!

Lovely to catch up with Peter again this season. Everytime I see him I’m transported back to those amazing pantomimes he created at the Palace Theatre, Watford. I loved those shows. Always novel and always great fun with him at the helm playing Dame. He will be making some more Music Hall appearances very shortly, and his trademark Fairy who is (well) over Forty will be waving a wand upon the boards very soon!

Kate Young and her birthday cake

Wednesday Matinee saw Kate Young’s Birthday- she shares the date with Andrew Ryan, and we met up pre show for a breakfast in the shadows of Pontoon Dock. Kate celebrated Brick Lane style with a rude cake! Well, the icing was a tad risque! We all sang Happy Birthday to the Musical Director while Rusty played the piano backstage.

Everyday is like a Birthday here backstage at Brick Lane Music Hall. Look at the spread that appears during the intervals! How we all remain petite and svelte is amazing! Must be all the hard work on stage I reckon!


Vincent enjoys a spot of tea between acts

The weather has turned ridulously mild again, and the busy workmen of Cross Rail next door to this Palace Of Varieties get treated to an unseasonably summery treat every interval as the Brick Lainies take in the rays!


legs Eleven! Eyes Down!

Tursday saw our visitor levels at a height. Today my guest was Panto Dame Lee Redwood, having a trip to the Music Hall before starting work on his next project. Always a joy to catch up with Lee- I last met up with him when he came to see “Snow White” in Llandudno a few weeks ago. A long trek from his native Bournemouth. Great to welcome him here today!


Joining us today were the two stalwarts of the Brick Lane Community Outreach Company- The magnificent Brian Walker and Musical Director and performer Michael Topping! Whenever I see Michael I’m transported back to touring shows for Barrie Stacey, and all the mutual friends we made doing those shows around the UK! Great fun. Great memories. Here they are – and they continue to spread the Brick Lane gospel of laughter and song wherever folk request them to appear, often joined by one of the company in Care Homes and residential homes- in fact wherever there is a need for some laughs and nostalgic songs.


Not bad on the visitor front all in all. The shows continue apace, and this week we will have entertained many people for Tea, lunch and again on Saturday night for dinner.

As the song says “Everything stops for tea!”. At the start of Act Two Poison Ivy collects her gang of evil do-ers, and we open the second half “Looking For Trouble”.


Between us, we’re keeping the British Fishnet industry in business. Here’s Catherine, Tommy and Sam keeping me on my toes!

As I left the theatre tonight Andrew and Vincent were heading off to see a new production at the Jermyn Street Theatre. It has the gorgeous Sandra Dickinson as Lucille Ball in “I Loved Lucy”, designed by my very talented mate Gregor Donnelly. It runs until Feb 27th, and I’m hoping to catch it soon.

Last night a few of the BLMH company saw “The Railway Children”- thats the great thing about doing matinee shows and being a short DLR train away from The West End. The chance to enjoy live theatre.

Some Brick Lane news announced this week- The very lovely Anita Harris will be appearing here in “The Sixties Show” in May and into June! There are more details on the main Brick Lane site-

A ’60’s superstar, a recording star and a delightful lady, Anita Harris will be packing in the crowds, so don’t delay- Book today! What a lovely bit of news to end the week on! Here she is with husband Mike Margolis and the gang at Brick Lane Music Hall last week.


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