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Saturday 28th Jan. The Evening!

January 29, 2017


It’s been a long week! Having rehearsed last week, and Saturday, then dress rehearsed Monday and Tuesday and opened on Wednesday, we have reached the final evening show of this busy week in Brick Lane!


we’ve rehearsed a few bits here and there. We’ve lost a few bits and gained a few bits. By next week we will have changed the odd routine or number according to the audience’s reaction. It is a work in progress here each panto until it settles. Such is variety!

I had a dash up to Birmingham to the “Dick Whittington ” Party- all news of that in the Green Room section of this site! It was a great evening and a rare catch up with my panto pals!


With Andrew Ryan at The Hippodrome Birmingham


The shows here at Brick Lane have been very well received. Standing ovations no less! Lovely to see everyone out there having fun. It really is the case of “Eat, Drink and be Merry!” here each day.

Backstage in Dressing Room 2 and David Harvey rejoins us for a night.

We had our old friend David Harvey come in for Saturday Night when Martin had a previous engagement. Lovely to see him back in the pit for one night only!


“If I were not in School Today….”

The Schoolroom scene continues to be a great hit with the audiences (and the cast I think!). It certainly is anarchic, and it takes a lot of self control to keep this unruly mob under control (and upright!) in this frantic scene. It is, I think, my favourite!


I’m drawing my inspiration from the Duchess of Degradation, The Queen of Mean herself! You might recall, along with the likes of Joe Pasquale, Ruth Madoc and my chum Britt Ekland, I took on Ann Robinson in a panto edition! Here are those  link again! (This has the entire programme in four sections!) Welcome… To the Weakest Link!


Hayley-Jo as Fairy Nuff


Nurse Fanny and her gang.

During this week I’ve been experimenting with my make-up. Having chosen Purple as the theme, I’ve been struggling to find a way of showing off the lashes and making my eyes wider. The dark purple can tend to close up the area. it was then I discovered part of the problem is an eye infection (possibly from the glitter I’m using) and so Friday and Saturday I kept the stuff away from the eye, and no lenses. Blind as a bat! Still.. hopefully no-one noticed and I kept my distance from the edge of the stage! Here are a few versions of that make-up experiement.


So- we finished the Saturday Night show at about 11.30pm. Next call in on Tuesday, when we have a Tea Time Show followed by various tea and lunch and dinner shows until next Saturday. Lots more production pictures to follow, and a big thank you to Joanne Hayes for these shots of the show from the dress rehearsal and the first show.


Back to report on Tuesday and Wednesdays shows in a few days time on  February 1st.


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