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Technical Rehearsal One: Tuesday Dec 11th

December 11, 2018


We are in London Town!

A Technical Rehearsal day- A Day early! Gary Lloyd has got us to this position a day early, which is marvellous! This morning The Ensemble plus Ryan Kayode headed for TR2, while the rest of us had a morning off.

The First proper day in your dressing room is the one that is “Poundland Day”. That is your one stop shop for turning a blank souless dressing room into one with Cups and mugs, toothpaste and Biscuits, Tea Towels and Washing up liquid..The list was endless. Well, over Twenty Quid at any rate!

The Dressing room is now sorted with Catering on the one side and Me on the other. I have windows- very important in a dressing room, so on two a day you can actually see what the world looks like, and My make-up and costumes – Two only are installed.

I havejust the Opening of Act One, and The Opening of Act Two in my room which is up one flight of stairs. I don’t see it until the interval- and I am blessed with a spacious and secluded Quick Change area right next to the Stage Right Proscenium arch! That’s the Theatrical equivalent of living In Chelsea!

IMG_7841 IMG_7842


The TRP Wardrobe Department

I spent the afternoon turning the spacious area into my Quick Change- The Rail was wheeled in, and the costumes unpacked from their dress bags- The Wigs were laid out on a tressel table, shoes in plastic crates underneath. The wonderful Ikea hanging shelves (they fold flat , made out of fabric) filled with gloves, spare gloves, bags, jewellery.. and a large illuminated mirror, all one short step to the Stage Right Portal. Thank you The Crew Guys of TRP! You built me a Quick Change in record Time!

Amazing assistance from TRP Wardrobe- Delia, Teresa and Ryan.


Ryan, Andy and Teresa.

We Ran the Tech rehearsal from 7pm until 10pm. Elaborate Pit lifts, pyros, effects, a full band in the pit, two sets of Juveniles- everything coming together under the watchful eyes of Gary, Chris, Amy, the, experts in Sound and Lighting , and stage Management, and Crew.

I got to my second change- entering on my trusty Mobility Scooter by the time we finished- and we recommence at 10am from the same place tomorrow.

I am fascinated by the Photos on the wall of every floor of TRP. Here are a few I snapped today- mostly my matesw who have appeared here! I’ll add a gallery each day If I can! I’ll let you name the Panto Per5formers below! Some of my Panto Buddies from way back!

Happy Plymouth Memories- and lovely Rachel Spry (Bottom Right) in the Panto I did here 14 years ago- She returned here for Peter Pan last year!

Glass of Rose (large) this blog and Bed!


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