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BeautyChristmas Greetings!

December 24, 2019


Photo by Paul Sampson

The Twelve Days of Christmas  Routine, seen above has almost completed- today is the 23rd December- I’m writing this in haste on the morning of the 24th- Christmas Eve in a calm and peaceful Llandudno!


Yesterday saw our two panto shows at the now usual 1pm and 5pm. Very well received and a lot of fun was had with our audiences, letting them into the fun and I think demonstrating what a happy company of strolling players we are, enjoying each others company both on and off stage. I think that comes over very strongly.

Paul Sampson the photographer was in the wings taking some shots to be shared later of life backstage. Waiting for me after was James Arnott, who has been seeing quite a few Pantomimes, including the lavish Palladium this season. He is now responsible for a magazine devoted to the intrinsic British art of Punch & Judy.


After the show I joined Sherrie and her family (I think there were about fourteen of them) for a glorious meal at the St George’s on the promenade. A lovely family Christmas affair!


Photo by Paul Sampson

For now I’ll leave you with Christmas Greetings from all of us here in Llandudno- Two shows today then joined here by friends and family for Christmas Day. Here’s to all of you travelling on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Merry Christmas!


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