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Dec 27th Snow White

December 28, 2021
Some day my prints will come!

Hoping for a few production shots to come my way, as I have run out of photographs to put in this blog!

Two shows today- very good houses, and the second house especially were all out for a good time! It is great that we are able to bring a couple of hours of bright lights, magic and fun each show- in these gloomy times it is much needed.

Heard great news thyat the Hippodrome Birmingham shows were excellent, with Johnny Mack from Glasgow Panto stepping in to replace Matt Slack as Ringo the Ringmaster in “Goldilocks”. They rehearsed for a day, and Johhny got a well deserved standing ovation after each show. Matt will be away for the rest of the week as he isolates with Covid. The team work from the Hippo Company was proof of what professionals can do in a very short space of time!

The news or no news from Downing Street today looks as though we might get to complete our Panto run here in Hull. Stringent testing carries on, and fingers crossed we get to January 2nd. Each show is a bonus and a privilege to be able to perform, when so many of our mates can’t.

Funny moment of the day was dressing for the opening of the show in my Dressing room, going up to the Quick Change room to collect my wig, ready to go on and Dresser Gail starting to strip me ready for the next scene! A tad premature ! It gets like that after a twice daily 22 costume change day! I clung on to my clothes and made my entrance with dignity!

Tomorrow the last of this week’s 1pm and 5pm shows. We return to 2pm and 7pm on Wednesday.

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