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Aladdin- Wednesday to Friday

January 20, 2018


Wednesday-Friday 19th January 2018

A pretty full week of rehearsals here in Grown Ups Pantoland! We open next Tuesday, so it is truncated and therefore pretty busy! During Wednesday we blocked some of the scenes while Jordan (Choreographer) ran through routines in the back of the auditorium with Sam and Nathan.

019 040

Frank Kershaw, costumier arrived with his trusty sewing machine, his overlocker and many bolts of fabric. He will be with us for the week, and between calls everyone (except me- I come self contained!) had costume fittings with Frank in Number Two dressing room.

039 IMG_E4837

We’ve been joined by Stephen Metcalf- Stevie is here with us for a while sorting out the wigs that need dressing and creating a few bits of glitz along with Frank, keeping the BLMH tradition of being “Over The Top” alive and well!


Sam, Nigel & Jordan

Wednesday finished with all the blocking finished, but with a couple of big dance routines and a couple of comedy routines (or scenas, as we used to call them) yet to be worked in.

030 012

Lucy and Ben

Thursday: A day to try and work lines when possible- David (Abanazar) and I got a few opportunities to run through lines when not called. It’s pretty interesting to think we both finished doing the same subject- Jack and The Beanstalk” for the same Company- Qdos- and that both versions were quite different- the pantos are adapted to suit each venue and each “top Of The Bills” producing very different versions of the same creation!

IMG_4836 IMG_4839

Rhys checks the rewrites to the script!

More costume fittings with Frank for the company. Zara has come up with a lot of costume requirements- there are more in this production than you would find in a longer show, which means mainly Andrew and The Ensemble guys will be changing costumes rapidly throughout. Having just finished twice daily fifteen costumes a show (and I’m Sure similar for David at Dartford), I feel for the need for speed, and I’m pretty happy with my total of four changes- Twice an Act !

IMG_E4844 IMG_E4842

Today we went through the show from beginning to end, missing out a routine here and there, just to get a feel for the show. The script, as foretold is undergoing re-writes on a daily basis, with a revised version expected on Saturday.


Friday- a long day “putting It Together” I used the time I wasm’t required to sort out a few costume snags- I’m using some Kenneth More Theatre Costumes I had made for other pantomimes, and I’ve adapted them to fit me as Aladdin’s Slave Of The Ring.  I had to sort out a few headdresses, fixing them to my wigs and wiring them, so I’ve ended up with four costumes and four wigs for the show, and all ready for the Dress/Technical rehearsal on next Tuesday & Wednesday.

028 IMG_4846

Vincent is doing a few traditional Panto routines in this “Aladdin”- among them the “Not Here” Gag, The “Busy Bee” and “The Balloon Ballet”- he and Andrew will be working on these as well as some Musical numbers on Saturday. Me- I’ve got the week-end off, so It is a good time to finish learning the (rewritten) lines!

023 032

Anthony checking microphones while Shelby and David rehearse

The Musical folk- Lucy, Shelby, Jordan, Sam and Nathan will be joining Vincent and Andrew on Saturday. I’m called 10.30am Monday Morning.

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