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Relaxed Performance Wednesday 9th Jan

January 10, 2019


Today was our Relaxed Perfrormance at TRP , with an earlier start of 12.20pm. The front three rows of the stalls were removed and wheelchair users were given ample space to watch the show. There was a great buzz and atmosphere in the auditorium, and the show went up with lights on in the auditorium, all exit doors open- you could see traffic passing by in the street infront of the theatre from the stage, and reduced sound levels and no loud effects or “blinder” lighting effects.


Daryl McMullan

The star of today’s show was the absolutely superb and talented Daryl McMullan, a British Sign Language Interpreter who put heart and soul into the “signing” performance and was a huge hit with audience and cast alike! Plymouth based Daryl gave a brilliant performance, altering his face and his style to adapt to each character he was interpreting, and was word perfect in every single song lyric. What an amazing talent!


The show was a joy to be a part of, and afterwards we got to meet up backstage with some of the organisers and volunteers of The Funky Llama project that TRP has been raising money for with daily collections after the performances. It was a pleasure!

A rare outing for this Dame- I actually took my make-up off and went out for a bite with Andy Ford. My first time outside between shows in a month! We had a full three hours break before the half, so it was an odd feeling seeing daylight! I enjoyed my late lunch!

Several of the “Dick Whittington” Company went bowling last night after the show, and had a great night out in the Barbican. Here are a few photos to mark the event!

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The Bowling Team!

The second show today was very jolly- The thoughts are already turning to packing. I’ve started to bring a few things down from the dressing room to the wicker skip I have in the corridor downstairs.Lots of visitors this week too, starting with Cardiff Based Rob Thorne, musician and Pantomime Musical Director- A friend of Amy, Joe and myself. I had the huge joy of touring for several years with Rob’s Uncle Peter Thorne, a well loved Pantomime Dame, sadly no longer with us. Peter & I did many tours and pantomimes- for several years he played Narrator in the extensive “Rocky Horror Show”tour that played the UK and Europe, With David Ian and Jonathan Kiley appearing in it.


Rob Thorne with me after the show

A great night in the pub catching up, and joined by somel of the TRP Stage Crew and technicians. More crew pics to follow shortly! Catching the guys altogether is no easy task!


Visitors tomorrow- my Brother Vivyan Ellacott and Owen Smith. I’ll be looking forward to meeting up between shows and they’ll be in to see the second show tomorrow!


st102914-2 ST106916.jpg


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